Armenia Business Visa Requirements

1) Passport: a) Passports should be valid for at least three months past the intended expiration date. All applicants must submit a photocopy of the first and last pages of their passports.

  1. b) A copy of any previous passports or visas that have been issued.

2) Application for a Visa:

Approved and submitted Visa Application Form in English Capital Letters. Answer each question on the form, and if needed, continue the question on a separate sheet.

3) Photograph:

  1. a) Three Visiting Cards & two passport-size color pictures (3x4cm, white background).
  2. b) 60-80% facial coverage, light background, and no border (Size: 35mm x 45mm).

4) Covering-Letter: A letter from the applicant detailing his or her name, designation, passport number, purpose, and who will be liable for the entire cost of the trip, including travel, lodging, and expenses. “Armenian High Commission, New Delhi, India” is the address. In the subject line, the visa category must be specified.

5) Proof of Occupation: a) A letter from the office, such as a NOC/LOI letter on the organization’s letterhead pad, specifying the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, duration of visit, sponsorship status, and other pertinent information. Addressing the Visa Officer at the Armenian Embassy in New Delhi.

  1. b) Copies of the office ID card and the visitor’s card (3 copies)
  2. c) Trade license / Certificate of Incorporation & Memorandum (for business person)
  3. d) A letter from the office confirming your salary.

7) Financials: a) Original copy of bank statement (salary)/personal bank statement for the last six months, clearly stating the bank’s name and phone number.

  1. b) Employer Company’s Bank Statement for the previous six months, clearly stating the bank’s name and telephone number. (If the travel is paid for by the company)

8) Ticket reservation: Itinerary according to trip date.

9) Hotel Reservation: Make a hotel reservation according to your travel dates.

10) Trip Itinerary: A trip itinerary that includes a day-by-day travel plan.

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Bangladeshi Visa Requirements for Armenian Family Visits

Bangladeshi nationals need invites from Armenian embassies or consulates to acquire an entry visa, thus they must apply at an embassy or consulate abroad before visiting. They will not be given a visa when they arrive at the border.

An applicant must visit the Armenian Embassy in person to submit an application. However, if the applicant can offer adequate reasoning to the Armenian Embassy in New Delhi, he or she can apply through a third party with the embassy’s or consular section’s authorization. In addition, if the inviter can adequately justify the applicant’s inability to go to India for visa application, the embassy may grant permission to apply through an agent.

From Bangladesh, a visa to Armenia is required.

The Republic of Armenia has an embassy in New Delhi, India.

D-133 Anand Niketan, Armenia Street, New Delhi-110057, India

+91-11-24112851, +91-11-24112852,

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Website of the Armenian Foreign Ministry: http://india.mfa.am/en/ To learn more, go to this page.

Click here to visit the Armenian Travel Bureau.


However, if you have all of the documents listed below, So-way Tours & Travels can assist you with Visa Processing and Logistics Support (Logistics charge applicable). Because there is no Armenian Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh, an applicant should contact the nearest Armenian Embassy in India for more information.

When preparing for a visa application, it is very normal for a visa applicant to become perplexed. You can find it difficult to keep track of all of the numerous paperwork and criteria on your own. We understand that like these at times , you could use some direction and assistance to get you through. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist you.

Personal and professional profile assessment, one-on-one information session Finding the Right Set of Documents for You, and Assessing Your Travel History Depending on the purpose of your trip, you’ll need to prepare and format your documents for your visa. Examine, Identify, and Correct Any Document Loopholes That May Reduce Your Chances of Getting the Visa, Address Your Previous Visa Refusals, and Schedule an Appointment with the Embassy.


Our consulting services include the following:

  1. Researching Your Background and Travel Experiences
  2. Developing a Checklist based on Profile Merit.

3 Identifying Loop Holes and Getting Rid of Them

  1. Planning the most effective visa application strategy.
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