Australia is home for beautiful beaches, summer vibes all around the year, a quality education system! Australia is the only continent which is covered by a single country with genuinely unique landscapes. It is the strangest and most outstanding destination on the planet. We have a highly expert workforce, and us proud of our history of democracy and stable government. 


Australia’s indigenous peoples who managed the land for more than 60,000 years. We always take our international responsibilities seriously and work friendly with other countries to promote security and peace. Over 65,000 in 1947, Australians have served more than 50 peace and security operations in the whole world. We have an open and economy. 


Australia became a nation in 1901, forming the Commonwealth of Australia. After one year, Australia became the first country in the world to give women the right to give a vote.


During the COVID period, the world has slowed down. Before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Australia first recorded 28 years of annual economic growth, was the world’s 14th largest economy.

Some facts are conspicuous and well known, such as being the country superintend for the Boomerang people. There are Wine Casks (of course, an Aussie would come up with this invention!) and others are still being disputed like as the Pavlova. Did an Aussie or Kiwi invent it? We will never know for certain. Either way it’s a dessert!

All over history, Australian inventions have to assist shape the society we live in. One of the most critical inventions used in every day is the Black Box on airplanes. This important equipment is used on every flight and has helped passengers to understand the cause of plane crashes and make air flight safer. Exotically the Black Box is usually bright orange it’s not black.

Another important invention is the refrigerator that invented by James Harrison in 1856. He is the principle of vapour compression which is invent the world’s first ice making machine and refrigerator. We need this to keep our water cool! 

Australia also are the inventors of the first Feature film in the world which was released in 1906 – name was The Story of the Kelly Gang.

Then they have some icons that might not seem so important but they are to Aussies. We have the famous Tim Tam biscuit, Vegemite (it not be to everybody’s taste but it is an Australian Icon food), Lamingtons and meat pies. Please don’t forget about the Akubra hat (Aboriginal for head covering) which is worn by many stockmen and farmers, Stubby shorts and Thongs. And don’t forget about the clothes line! Officially named the Hills Hoist after its inventor Lance Hills; it is a rotary clothes line that is in most Aussie backyards.

Local food taste is a big part of any holiday. If you’re new to Australia, you’re showing a friend round or you just want to expand your own horizons, Australia has plenty of all unique food options to suit all tastes.

Chicken Parmigiana is a classic Aussie chicken dish – with roots in Italian-American cooking – is a staple offering on pretty much every pub menu in the country. Originally eggplant based tomato sauce, melted cheese. This food is served with salad and chips, although there’s a split between those who think the chips should be under the paty and those who think they should be on the side. 

Surf and turf food is a combination of seafood and steak which served together. With the huge array of seafood in Australia such as oysters, Balmain bugs, calamari or yabbies’, this is a must. Australia is producing some of the best beef in the world. Hot tip, make sure you try this in a coastal area to ensure you get the fresh seafood.

Australia is a diversity of land, food, history and some well-loved weirdness! There are some really crazy facts about Australia, check out this list below.

  1. There are so man beaches in Australia. If you regularly visit one new beach in Australia, it would take over 27 years to see them all.
  2. We all heard about human racing but in Australia each year, but Brisbane hosts the world championships of cockroach racing.
  3. Australia has more sheep than humans. The current population of Australia is 25,847,257. In 2021, the national sheep flock is expected to grow by 6.3% to 68.1 million head. There are three times more sheeps than people in Australia.
  4. Most of Australia’s exotic flora and fauna you cannot be found anywhere in the world. A selfie with cuddly marsupials like koalas, quokkas, wombats and kangaroos are only possible in Australia. Though we would suggest a wide berth to dangerous animals like the blue ring octopus, the stone fish and funnel web spider.
  5. Australia was the second country whom give women the right to vote in 1902.
  6. Did you know that Canberra was selected as a capital because Sydney and Melbourne arguing could not stop which city should be the capital?
  7. There are 60 designated wine origin in Australia, producing approximately every year 1.35 trillion bottles of wine.
  8. You would be astonished to read this interesting fact about Australia! In Australia a man tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.
  9. The Alps Mountain receives more snowfall than Switzerland.
  10. Australia has the most tropical flora and fauna in the world.
  11. Approximately 17th world’s poisonous snakes are found in Australia.
  12. Australia is home to 4,000 types of ants and 1,500 types of spiders.
  13. Only some of the people know about Australia is that swimming on public beaches was illegal for more than 60 years.
  14. Selfie word is the birthplace in Australia.
  15. Melbourne city was the most prosperous and wealthiest city in1880s in Australia.
  16. One of the most highest life expectancies in the world is Australia.
  17. In Australia main religion is Christianity.
  18. The seven continents in the world Australia/Oceania is the smallest continent.
  19. Southern hemisphere is the largest in Australia.
  20. The sixth-largest country in the world is Australia.
  21. Sydney is the biggest city in, Australia with more than 5 million inhabitants.
  22.  Most populous state of Australia is New South Wales there 65% of the country’s population lives in New South Wales.
  23. Melbourne is famous for its art galleries and also for restaurants.
  24.  The biggest national park in Australia is Kakadu National Park
  25. Tasmania Island has the cleanest air in the world.
  26. The largest sand island in the world is Fraser Island which is in Australia.
  27. The largest war memorial in this world is the great ocean road.
  28. The largest cattle station in the world is in Australia and surprisingly it is bigger than Israel.
  29. There are almost 19 world heritage sites is in Australia.
  30. Seat belt law was first passed by Government in Australia.
  31. Australia has approximately 516 national parks.
  32. Australian’s highest number of people involved in sports activities such as sailing, tennis, soccer, swimming, surfing, cricket, and rugby.
  33. In Australia’s more than 90% of the country is covered in vegetation.
  34. Australia claims that they have the highest literacy rate in the world.
  35.  88% of Australian people live in towns and cities area.
  36. Only 22% of Australian adults don’t have children, while 16% have only one child.
  37. The Great Victoria Desert is the biggest in Australia.
  38. Approximately 44 million kangaroos are in Australia.
  39. Australia is well-known for its employment opportunities. The country offers the highest salary rate per hour in the world.
  40. Google Maps, Pacemaker, and also Wi-Fi technology are some of the famous inventions in Australia.
  41. Australia is renowned world wide for its world-class public healthcare and their education system.
  42. Voting is must be in Australia and those who don’t vote they have to pay penalty.
  43. Australia is the flattest, oldest, and driest inhabited continent in the world.
  44. Banking, manufacturing and mining-related exports are some of the major revenue
  45. Australia has the world’s tenth-largest per capital income.
  46. The twelve largest economy in the world is Australia.
  47. 70% of Australians are proactive in sports.
  48. In Australia 75% of biodiversity species are undiscovered.
  49. Due to a trademark clash, world known Burger King in Australia is known as Hungry Jacks.
  50. In Australia more than 200 different types of cultures.                                                     

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