Cameroon Tourist Visa Requirements

The essential documents required: 1) A passport that is valid for at least six months.

2) Two filled-out application forms

3) Take two clean passport-size photos from the front.

4) A validated letter of invitation from the host/contact/partner in Cameroon with the Cameroon Police (accompanied by a legalized copy of the National Identity Card).

5) Ticket for return or continuation.

6) Bank statement (at least £1, 000), unless the trip is being organized by a tour operator or travel agency.

7) Purchase travel insurance.


In order to enter Cameroon, you must get vaccinated against yellow fever. Vaccinations against cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and polio are all recommended by the World Health Organization.

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Cameroon does not have an embassy or consulate in Dhaka. In India, there is no Cameroon Embassy, Consulate, or Honorary Consulate. Consular representation is available through the Cameroonian Community Visa Office – CVAC INDIA ONLY (cvacindia@gmail.com or +91 9912981608), which is part of the Cameroon Community of India.


MLA Colony in Road # 12, Hyderabad 500034 A.P State, India. Stone House # 10-5-391/54/18, + (91) 99012981608 / 8125426513; Fax: + (91) 99012981608 / 8125426513; Fax: + (91) 990

cvacindia@gmail.com is the email address to contact.

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** 15% VAT is applicable on So-way Tours & Travels’ service (consultancy) charge.
Consultancy Fee

Service                                                  Fee (BDT)

Consultancy                                          10,000/-

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