The land that is now Canada became the first home to nations of homespun peoples.  The explorer John Cabot  In 1497  reached the east coast what is present day of Canada.

Canada is usually famous for its natural beauty maple syrup and national parks. Canada associates with friendly people beautiful landscape, road trips and for winter.

 Canada is a country in North America with Its ten provinces and three territories .Ita extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, which is covering 9.98 million square kilometers. It’s the world’s second largest country by its total area. Canada is a parliamentary democracy country and a constitutional monarchy in the Westminster tradition. The prime minister is the head of the government of this country. The elected prime minister who holds office by virtue of their ability to command.

Canada is a highly developed country. Canada has the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income globally. As the 2018 survey Canada is the world 10’th largest economy in the world with a nominal GDP OF Approximately US$1.73 trillion.

Mainly Canadian economy based on trading natural resources. it’s  based on historically basically but now  it’s dominated by the service sector. Canada has tight economic relationship with united states around 80% trade with the U.S. Paper, machinery, high technology equipment clothing , food are manufactured by them.

Canada has a mixed economy ranking above the U.S in the world top ten trading nation Canada is the one. Canada is one of the world’s largest suppliers of agricultural products. The Canadian Prairies are one of the most important global producers of wheat, canola, and other grains.  Additionally Canada is the least corrupted country in the world.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Has took a great action against COVID-19. The Prime Minister began the meeting by reiterating his commitment to reconciliation in Canada. The Prime Minister and premiers spoke about this serious issues and situation across the country, particularly Ontario and British Columbia.

In this anticipated extreme weather and the dry conditions the federal government is providing air and evacuation support Weather, this season is expected to be a challenging one. The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of working closely together. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed to continuing to work with premiers and reiterated where federal government stands ready to provide additional support to manage wildfires and floods, and keep people safe. First Ministers continued their discussions on the COVID-19 situation.

The Prime Minister noted that Canada continues to lead G20 countries in vaccination rates with approximately 80 per cent of eligible Canadians vaccinated with their first dose and over 50 per cent of eligible Canadians fully vaccinated. He thanked premiers for their efforts in ramping up vaccinations across the country. At 243,000 km along the shores of 52,455 islands, Canada boasts of the longest

Ethnically Canada is one of the world’s most diverse and multicultural nations. Canada has the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world. Only CANADA welcomes the large scale immigrants from many other countries. Immigration has been essential to increasing Canada’s population only Canada is giving this golden opportunity to all over the world. CANADA will welcome probably closer

In CANADA population growth falling to the slowest on record SO that temporary and permanent immigration last year is having an impact in CANADA. Canada does have the capacity to hit the ambitious targets set out last fall and population growth from new immigration will again return as the main driver.

To 275,000 new permanent residents this year while there target of 401,000.i think we all value the strength that diversity has given.

Canada’s living cost is high. The estimated monthly cost is expensive in Canada. The cost for a single person is 1125$ and for a family of four to live in Canada is 4032$.the living cost is generally high in Canada.

If you became a home owner you will have another annual cost including electricity, insurance, municipal and school taxes. Because of the demand and price higher housing is generally more expensive in the city than outlying areas.it will depend on room, parking space or a pool. It’s a good chance that with a garage or pool it will cost more to rent or buy a house.

Let’s have look about Canada’s amazing that will represent charming Canada.

*Canada has the longest coastline in the world.               

Canada has the longest coastline in the world. If you want to have an idea of how long this is, it is estimated that at a pace of about 20 km a day, it would take a person 33 years to finish strolling Canada’s shorelines.

  • there are millions of lakes in Canada.
  • Canada has a version of the Dead Sea.
  • Six Canadian cities have more than 1 million residents.            

If you know this information that will surprise you. Canada immigration minister declared in 2012 that Santa Claus was indeed Canadian citizen. Canada has world longest nonmilitary border, it has also national park bigger than .

Canada has a massive land mass with very little population. Due to the safety and open space it also the perfect country for adventure, road trips and adventure travel.

Bus is the most common transportation in Canada. Some cities have other modes of public transit.in most case you can move one place to another to use this public transportation. You must buy a ticket. Train also another transport is train. Cost of living in Canada transport cost is generally high, due to prices many students pursuing prefer to buy their own car for transport, because it will be cheaper in the long run.                                                                                         

Place you should visit:                                               

Niagara Falls are lie on the border between Ontario Canada  and the American state of new york.Nigra falls is one of the beautiful place ,with beautiful natural wonder is sight to behold and absolutely worth to visit.

Famous for Canada:                                  

Maple syrup is most famous in Canada, around 80% maple syrup produced in Canada. Quebec is largest producer. The tree sap is collected and reduced to produce the syrup .Canada’s indigenous people first discovered that and has been refined over the centuries.

Ice hockey is the Canadian national winter sport is ice hockey .It has been believed that the game first played in Montreal. The country is regarded as the birthplace of ice hockey.

Canada is attractive for its natural, wildlife and beautiful landscape. Canada has more lakes than all other countries. Surprising that this lakes are world famous. Canada also famous for protecting its natural places with 40 national parks. its full of incredible and famed for its natural beauty.

Canada’s popular food:

Canada is one of the countries where salmon harvest and exported mostly. The best known place for smoked salmon is the bay of fundy,it can be found though the territory. Wild salmon usually eaten by cut it in slices or roasted. Salmon burgers and marinated steaks are sold in this area.

Maple syrup most popular products in Canada, in fact the maple leaf proudly shines in the national flag. Maple syrup flavor is sweet, its often used in desserts such as waffles and pancakes. This viscous liquid can found in specialist maple syrup store or in nation supermarkets .this amber color syrup extracted from the sap of maple trees.

Peameal bacon this dish became famous in this it’s originally from Toronto. Due to William davies company its became famous. This company began to market it in the cities. Peameal bacon can found in many restaurants in the city this bacon rolled in corn flower and cooked to produce a crispy in outside.   

Smoked meat known as “boeuf fume “as a main ingredients this type of smoked meat usually use in sandwich and served in Canada. The sandwich is flavored with pickles and mustard sauce, it’s very popular, so it can also be found on many street stalls and also in cafes.

Calgary is the best known areas for meat and it’s the production area, so it’s not surprising that many of its popular dishes are meat. Beef is served grilled or as hamburger also.it also accompanied by chips and salad .Calgary is the best area to try.

Pouting originally from Quebec, this is one of the most popular dish in canada.it made by French fries and covered with fresh cheese curds. Gravy sauce made by cheese curds that melt with heat.as well as it found in most restaurants including MC Donald.

Reason best for Canada:

Economy: Canada is fast growing and industrialized economy, as one of the richest country Canada offers the highest standard of living with decrease taxes.in Canada unlimited opportunity and potential found.

Health: the quality of healthcare I s among the highest in the world. Everyone has access to take medical treatment when they need. Canadians consider health care to be fundamental right. that why free healthcare is such an important part that makes Canada awesome though the process is maybe slower aside free health care  social health consciousness see in tradition.

Culture: Canada is a multicultural country. Canada is bet example as a leader Canada is cultural diversity, tolerance, peaceful society.                                                                               

Scenery: Canada is awesome place to live or visit in the world because of its attraction and inspiring gorgeous scenery. Niagara falls and thousand island attraction in Canada. Canadian natural environment are breathtaking, when it comes to gorgeous scenery with beauty Canada is hard to beat.

There a lot to know about Canada.  It’s the short brief .Thanks for reading .

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