Costa Rica Business Visa Requirements
South America

  1. A othentic passport (valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry/visa issuing) is required.
  2. An application for a visa that has been completed. To obtain a copy of the Visa Application Form, click here.
  3. A passport-sized color picture (2 in. X 2 in.)
  4. A photocopy of your vacation agency’s itinerary, as well as a pre-paid air or bus ticket to leave Costa Rica.
  5. Your itinerary or a temporary ticket reservation. It is recommended that you not to buy plane tickets until your visa has been issued.
  6. Proof of good financial standing for the last three months (bank account statements, wages, statements, etc.).
  7. Apostille-authenticated police record issued within the past six months by the Secretary of State(It has been translated into Spanish.)
  8. Proof of the visit’s purpose
  9.  Police Clearance Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

10.At the Consulate’s discretion, further papers may be needed.

So-way Tours & Travels provides logistical help as well as Visa Consultancy in Costa Rica.

Visas are required for Bangladeshi nationals to enter Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no embassy or consulate in Dhaka; the closest Costa Rican embassy is in New Delhi, India.

Embassy of Costa Rica in New Delhi, India

New Delhi-110021, India, 2/15 Shanti Niketan, Third Floor

Email: embajadacostarica.india@gmail.com, embassycrin@gmail.com Phone: (+91) 11 4108 0810

However, if you have all of the papers listed below, So-way Tours & Travels will help you with the processing and logistics of getting your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). To get your visa, you do not need to go to the embassy in New Delhi, India.




Our Premium Visa Consultancy, which covers over 86 countries throughout the world, takes a 360-degree approach. It helps you to correctly design your visa application based on your profile. The proper documentation for a visa is determined by a number of criteria.

With So-way Tours & Travels’ Ground Support, obtaining a visa in India has never been easier or more convenient.

Why Do You Need the Ground Support of So-way Tours & Travels?

Some countries with embassies in India demand the visa applicant’s personal attendance at the Embassy/VFS for an in-person interview or the collecting of biometric data. To file a visa application, the applicant must go to India’s embassy.

The majority of candidates have a tough time obtaining a job. completing a visa application with all of the relevant papers in case of an error the embassy’s filing processes, traversing the city, and locating acceptable lodging

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