Cyprus Business Visa Requirements

1) The candidates have to fill and sign the visa application in its entirety. On the application form, you must include a current passport-size photograph. Please go here to obtain the Visa Application Form.

From the date of admission into Cyprus, the passport must be valid for at least six months. Passports from the past may also be necessary.

2) A copy of the confirmed or forward return tickets.

3) A cover letter outlining why you are visiting Cyprus (i.e., the subject that will be discussed, duration of trip,sponsorship of air ticket, travel expenses).

5) Sufficient cash (in original and copy) must be endorsed in the passport for a fifteen-day stay in Cyprus, at least Euro 2,000. The target country of Cyprus should be included in the endorsement. (International credit cards with statements, traveler’s checks, foreign exchange, original and copy of salary certificate and tax declaration)

6) Original bank statements from the previous six months, as well as a bank certificate.

7) A comprehensive letter from the applicant’s employer or corporation confirming his or her job status.

8) Commercial documentation, such as an authentic certificate from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

9) Confirmation of the reservation made in relation to the application from a hotel in Cyprus. The confirmation should be faxed directly from the hotel to the High Commission.

10) A official letter of invitation (with specifics) from the business partner in Cyprus must be submitted to the Cyprus High Commission.

In some circumstances, further documentation may be requested. From Bangladesh, a visa to Cyprus is required.

So-way Tours & Travels offers a one-on-one visa consultation for Cyprus (Consultancy fee applicable).


  1. So-way Tours & Travels provides logistics support as well as Visa Consultancy for the Republic of Cyprus. Address: ABC Building (9th Floor), 8, Kamal Ataturk Road Dhaka, Bangladesh Telephone number : (+88) 02 882 5845 – 9 Fax number: (+88) 02 882 6115 E-mail Address: cyprus@gmgroup.com


    However, no visa assessments are available at this Consulate. Bangladesh has been recognized by the HIGH COMMISSION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS IN INDIA to conduct visa services.

    D64, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi-110021 India HIGH COMMISSION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS IN INDIA

    (+91) 11 4358 6295 (Secretary), (+91) 11 4358 6259 (Consular). Send a copy: (+91)-11-26111160.

    pzachariadou@mfa.gov.cy and delhihc@mfa.gov.cy are the e-mail addresses for pzachariadou@mfa.gov.cy and delhihc@mfa.gov.cy, respectively.

    For a Cyprus visa, you must present in person. However, if you can justify your incapacity to present the documents in person to the Embassy, and only if the Embassy permits, So-way Tours & Travels will be able to submit your documents and give you with the logistical support needed to get your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable).


With So-Way Tours & Travel’s Ground Support, submitting a visa application is now easier and less stressful. An applicant who accepts this service will receive error-free paperwork help as well as an accompanying companion who will aid in lodging the application at the selected Embassy / High Commission / VFS in New Delhi, India.

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