Document Legalization

So-way Tours & Travels provides document legalization, apostille, translation, and notarization services from all Indian embassies in a quick, easy, and safe manner. Legalization from any Indian embassy
To begin your order, please email us at or phone us at 01844559989-91 (Hotline). We will take some  time to learn about your legalizing marijuana requirements and will work with you step-by-step to guarantee that you receive the correct papers on time. Please keep in mind that the ultimate price of your order will be decided on the kind of papers, embassy protocol, and steps necessary.
International countries observe a procedure of document authentication known as legalization. Local authorities need that a document be legalized/authenticated before it may be regarded legitimate if it is to be used outside of the country. The type of document to be legalized and its intended purpose define the legalization criteria in each nation. Legalization from any Indian embassy
Legalization from any Indian embassy
The above are among the most typical papers that may need to be legalized. The following papers are not included in the list and may be added in the future: Legalization from any Indian embassy.
Origin Certificate (for Exporters)
Invoice for Services
Contracts for business
Export licenses and exporter declarations are examples of export documentation.
Adoption paperwork Power of Attorney
Certificate of Marriage
Birth Certificates, Marriage Affidavits, and Educational Certificates & Mark-sheets
Medical records
Free Sale Certificate
The process of legalization is multi-step. To be regarded real and legitimate, a document must be notarized by a Notary Public and attested by Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depending on the type of document, it may be necessary to: Legalization from any Indian embassy
Personal papers are attested by Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Marriage affidavit etc.)
For further processing, the Applicant / Company must compile all supporting papers and send them to So-way Tours & Travels along with the necessary fee. So-way Tours & Travels shall not be held liable for any errors in documents or misrepresentations made at our office.
Are you ready to begin? We can assist you. Please send your detailed needs to Depending on the service you need, our legalization team will answer to your inquiry. Please keep in mind that the ultimate pricing of your order will be decided by the type of order you place.
Service Fees: For the first five documents/seal, our logistics fee is BDT 17,000/-. Additional BDT 2,500/- will be applied starting with the 6th document/seal (per document basis). The Bangladesh High Commission charges BDT 500 each document/seal for attestation. The legalization fee will be determined by the kind of document and the Embassy.
If the embassy requests any extra original papers, a courier cost of BDT 2,500/- will be charged to transfer the documents for further processing. If the applicant/company wants to transfer the papers straight from India to the requested nation once the legalization/authentication is completed, an extra courier cost of BDT 6,000/- will be charged (subject to change)
Processing Time: The logistics period for So-way Tours & Travels is seven working days to and from India. The processing time for documents is entirely dependent on the Embassy, taking into account their weekdays and weekends. Also, if you need to transfer any papers from India to your preferred location(s), the logistics time for So-way Tours & Travels may vary based on the final destination.