There is a lot to know about Dubai. Without any delay, let’s learn about Dubai. Firstly I will give you a short and little brief about Dubai.

Quick Facts about Dubai:

Initiated: 1833

Total Population: around 3,400,800 (8 September 2020) 

International Visitors: (5.5 million over) by the Covid-19 pandemic (2020)

Total Sphere: 1,588 square miles


Islam is the main religion in Dubai. Dubai is mainly a Muslim country, and you will clearly notice that when you are landing in this city. UAE’s Article 7 Provisional Constitution announces Islam is the ritualistic state religion of the UAE. When it’s coming for traditions and laws, unlike other countries, you will notice a multitude of mosques across the city. Muslims pray five times a day, called azaan, and you will also hear it throughout.


Dubai also has Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, and other religious communities living in the city. Emigrants and visitors can follow their own religion without any hesitation. 


Dubai is not just a country; also it frequently described as a city, a province, or even as a country. Dubai is come across on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Desert. It is divided into a border with Abu Dhabi at the south, the Sultanate of Oman to the southeast, and Sharjah to the north. Many people are surprised by this Dubai fantastic the fact that the capital of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is its neighboring Abu Dhabi.


Dubai has the tallest skyscrapers in the whole world. The biggest of them is The Burj Khalifa, standing at the height of 828 meters (2,717 ft.), which is the tallest in the world by manufacturing. To complete this structure, over 22 million men worked day and night. The cost was around $1.5 billion. The tower has 26 000 glass panels, 163 floors at its exterior, and more than 1.5 million square feet of stainless steel panels and reflective aluminum. The Burj Khalifa can saw from 95 kilometers far, so people from the south of Bahrain or Qatar can easily see it. The Burj Khalifa was originally named Burj Dubai, which means Tower Dubai.


The surprising fact is that there’s no income tax in Dubai. You can get your full salary in Dubai without paying TAX on your payslip each and every month. It is not fully tax-free though the UAE implemented a value-added tax (VAT) on 1 January 2018 at a 5% rate. 


If you’re looking to buy some gold, some ATMs dispense gold bars. This machine is named Gold to Go ATM, located in the Dubai mall. You can purchase from a 2.5-gram to 24-karat gold coin.


The Burj Khalifa is so tall that people who live on the 80th floor get more time to get sunlight per day than the other people. That’s why Fasting in Ramadan lasts longer if you’re in Burj Khalifa. The Burj Khalifa is so tall that the residents on the 150th floor have to wait longer to break their fasting in Ramadan, and the ending of the fast depends on the sunsets.

Dubai has one of the world’s lowest crime rates, less than 1%. Some of them even claim that the figure is virtually 0%. In 2018 Dubai was ranked the eighth safest city. Their law is strict enforcement, and engaging in even the slightest criminal activities can get one imprisoned.


With an estimated net worth by Forbes to be $6.1 billion, Majid Al Futtaim ranks as the richest person in Dubai 2020. They’re also, the richest woman in Dubai is Huda Kattan. She is a Dubai-based blogger, worth 2 billion and with over 30 million followers on Instagram. She is among Forbes’ richest self-made women.


It is not a surprising Dubai fact to know that the city is famous for shopping destinations. There are over sixty malls located, with twelve others under construction.

Dubai mall holds the title of the largest mall globally by total area at 1,124,000 square meters. There is a waterfall inside the mall.

Dubai Mall houses Aquarium and Discovery Center and the world’s largest candy store, Candylicious, covering over 10,000 feet. 

Here’s an unknown fact: The waterfall has been designed with an illusion. If you concentrate hard enough on the statues diving from the waterfall, the others disappear.


Fuel rate is cheap compared to water in UAE. The petrol price in Dubai. The UAE is the cheapest country largely because of heavy government allocation. On the other hand, water is necessary in the desert. The current price of petrol is 2.17 AED/liter.


There is a thesis that the meaning of the Dubai word is money. This comes from an Arabic proverb, “Daba Dubai,” meaning, “they came with lots of money.” It’s an unknown fact that how Dubai got its name. Another theory claims that Dubai got this name from the same word Daba, which means also refers to a swarm of baby. Finally, the word Dubai may have come from the travel world Daba, which means to creep. 


According to Guinness World Records, The longest automated metro system in the world is in Dubai which operate without a driver. The length of this route is around 75 kilometers. However, this public transport system grows a new stop being added to the site of the upcoming Expo 2020, which is held on this city.


Dubai Miracle Garden is situated in Dubai Holidays DubailandThe Dubai garden extends over a 72,000-metre area that is watered with the reuse of wastewater through drip irrigation. The garden remain closed during the summer months of May to September when the climate becomes too unbearable to remain outdoors.


From 2006, the weekend fell on a Thursday and Friday as is customary with many Muslim countries worldwide. This rule has been changed by Persian Gulf countries, including the UAE Friday and Saturday are better to adapt to international business and financial markets.



In just over 50 years, Dubai has the largest airport terminal in the world. The most busiest International airport in the world is Dubai by international passenger traffic. Fly Dubai and The hub for Emirates is also busiest airports in the world by combined traffic passenger. Dubai International airport terminal 3 brags the largest airport terminal and also just happens to be the single largest building, by floor space.


In 1991 in Dubai World Trade Centre was the only skyscraper in the whole city. After three decades, the city ranks fourth for completed skyscrapers taller than (492 ft.). Every year minimum 10 skyscrapers are built in Dubai. In 2007 being the highest year when 41 buildings taller than 100 meters were completed.


There are more men than women who living in Dubai. According to the recent demographic report, for every woman living in the city there are three men.

In percentage rate, that’s nearly 70% male and merely 30% female constract the population up.

The higher percentage of men is because most of the experts working in the city and single males who have left their families behind in their home countries. 



When you travel in Dubai you have to know about the interesting fact Dubai has NO street address or zip code system. After 2015 the city started assigning a unique 10 digit code, called Makani numbers, to all buildings as identification. Until this point, Dubai had no region codes, no address, no postal divisions, and no postal framework.


As we think about gold, Dubai is the first thought of our mind. In Dubai there has a flourishing gold trade market playing a major part in the economy. Every one know that Dubai is popular for its gold market, and there are over 250 gold shops in Dubai. The people of Dubai love gold so much that 40% of the world’s physical gold trade goes through the city. It is heard that one in every five persons in Dubai buys at least five pieces of jewelry annually. Do you want some of this gold action too, visit the gold souk for a huge variety of precious stones and jewelry.


Dubai pays its citizens to lose weight. Wait what? How was you’re feeling about this crazy Dubai fact: in an attempt to encourage its citizens to lose weight, Dubai Government awards 2 grams of gold as a reward for every kilogram lost. Only two children can participate in this weight loss game per family and the program pays out.


Dubai is ranked as the world’s fastest-growing city. In 1965 the Emirates’ total population was 150,000. The current population of Dubai is over 3 million, and in the next ten years, the city is expected to see a persued increase. Population growth predictions show that the population of Dubai will reach over five million by 2027.


The number of homeless people who live in Dubai is almost 0%. You won’t see any homeless people while you travel in Dubai and that’s because the law does not permit homeless people to continue living in the city.


There’s a lot to know about Dubai. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these Dubai facts and learnt something new.

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