Ecuador Business Visa Requirements
South America

  1. Documents required for 12-X category visa:


    Personal Appearance is mandatory in time of submitting documents.


    1) Visa Application form should be completed and signed

    2) Request letter for the Consul Section stating the purpose.

    3) Passport valid for at least six months and to justify their stay in the country regulates the entry of the process.

    4) The applicant must demonstrate financial solvency through bank statements, bank guarantees or credit card statements of the applicant for a visa to stay in the country. The funds shall be equal to a living wage for each month of permanence.

    5) The applicant must submit an invitation letter, financial guarantee and SRI certificate by the person who invites must be in original duly notarized from Ecuador in favor of the applicant.

    6) Three recent photographs in colour, passport size, and white background.

    Further documents may be asked at the time of process.

    VISA VALID FOR: 3 months.

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