Equatorial Guinea Business Visa Requirements

1) Complete the visa application form completely. To get the Visa Application Form, click here.

2) A passport that is valid for at least 3-6 months.

3) Two passport-size photos with a white backdrop are required.

4) A letter of invitation from an individual, organization, or institution in Equatorial Guinea.

5) Making a hotel reservation in Equatorial Guinea.

6) If the applicant is a service-holder, a forwarding letter from the applicant’s employer. A letter on the firm letterhead for businessmen.

7) A cover letter explaining why you are visiting Equatorial Guinea.

8) Evidence of financial means to cover the cost of your stay in Equatorial Guinea.

  1. A round-trip plane ticket.

So-way Tours & Travels provides logistical help as well as Visa Consultancy in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea is not represented diplomatically in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. An candidate must apply for a visa at the nearest Equatorial Guinean embassy in India.

Guinean Embassy in New Delhi, India, is located at 26, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057.

ambaguineedelhi@gmail.com, ambaguidelhi@mae.gov.gn Phone: (+91) 11 4654 0211 / 13 Email: ambaguineedelhi@gmail.com, ambaguidelhi@mae.gov.gn

However, if you have all of the following papers, So-way Tours & Travels will help you with the processing and logistics of getting your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to travel to India to complete your visa application.


 Number of EntryApplication Center Fee (BDT)Logistics charge (BDT)Total (BDT)
Single 7,800/-25500/-33,300/-

** 15% VAT is applicable on So-way Tours & Travels service (logistic) charge.


Total approximate time is 10 to 12 working days (3 to 5 working days at Embassy 7 working days for Passport transit).

**15% VAT is applicable on So-way Tours & Travels Express’ service (consultancy) charge.

Our premium visa consultation service for over 70 countries takes a 360-degree approach. It helps you to correctly design your visa application based on your profile. The proper documentation for a visa is determined by a number of criteria.

Consultancy Fee

Service                                                  Fee (BDT)

Consultancy                                          10,000/-

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