Eritrea Business Visa Requirements

Visa for entry All passport holders must meet the following requirements:

1) The applicant’s passport (with a validity of at least six months after the date of visa request).

2) An application for a visa that has been thoroughly filled out.

3) Two passport-size pictures taken recently (scanned photographs are not allowed).

4) Booking a hotel in conjunction with a travel schedule.

5) A letter of invitation from a sponsoring employer, outlining the purpose of the travel, should be attached for a business visa.

6) A forwarding letter from the applicant’s employer giving the applicant’s name, title, pay, and leave days; for a businessperson, a covering letter on company letterhead.

7) A letter of promise to support a non-tourist visa application.

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Bangladeshi citizens must get a visa to enter Eritrea. Because Eritrea does not have an embassy or consulate in Dhaka, Bangladesh, an applicant must apply for a visa at the nearest embassy in India.
Phone: (+91) 11 2614 6336, (+91) 11 2614 0398 Embassy of Eritrea C-7/9, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057, India (PBX)
Website: http://eritreaembindia.com/ Email: eriindia@yahoo.co.in
If you have all of the documentation listed below, So-way Tours & Travels will assist you with the processing and logistics of getting your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to travel to India to do VISA process

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