Fiji Business Visa Requirements

Fiji offers visas on arrival if you have a genuine reason for visiting and the following documents:

1) Two (2) recent colored passport-size photographs [one (1) of which must be certified]

2) Authentic Passport

3) Confirmation of previously reserved hotel accommodations

4) A duplicate of the travel itinerary, including the return ticket

5) Sponsor letter [if a Fijian or a local company/organization is sponsoring,and the to infinitive to indicate the person’s undertaking for the duration of his period]

6) Proof of approved visa and onward ticket [if an applicant is traveling to a country other than Fiji]

So-way Tours & Travels offers Logistics Support and Visa Consultancy in Fiji.

Fiji has no Embassy or Consulate office in Dhaka; the nearest Embassy is in New Delhi, India.

Visa to Fiji from Bangladesh

Fiji High Commission, Vasant Vihar, C- 1/10, New Delhi-110057, India Tel: +91 11 4175 1092 Fax: +91 11 4175 1095

** A 15% VAT is applied to So-way Tours & Travels service (logistic) charges.


It is common for a visa applicant to become confused while preparing for a visa application. It will be difficult for you to keep track of all of the various documents and requirements on your own. . We understand that at times like these, you may feel isolated. Could benefit from some advice and support. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist you.

Information Session for Individuals Analysis of personal and professional profiles An examination of your previous travels, Select the Document Set that is appropriate for you; depending on the purpose of your trip, you will need to prepare and format your documents for your Visa. Examine, identify, and correct any potential flaws in the documents that may jeopardize your chances of receiving the Visa.

Among our consulting services are the following:

1. Investigating Your Past and Travel Experiences

2. Creating a Checklist Based on Profile Strength.

3 Identifying and Eliminating Loop Holes

4. Developing the most efficient visa application strategy.

Service Charge (BDT)

10,000/- Consultancy 10,000/-

Please remember that our consulting fee does not include any logistical, visa, VFS, translation, notary, asset declaration, travel insurance, or other costs.

Our goal is to provide you with helpful information—verbal and written advice throughout the duration of your Visa application.

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