Greece Business Visa Requirement

1. Passport: An original passport valid for at least six months after the intended departure date, with at least two blank pages and the intended date of departure for visa stamping.
a. Photocopies of prior passports and visas
b. Include all previous passports (if any).
c. If a visa request is denied, the original letter issued by that country’s authorities is preferred.
Germany is ranked second.
2)Visa Application Form:
The applicant must complete and sign the visa application form.
3. Photographic Requirements:
Two recent passport-size photos with a matt or semi-matt finish, 60-80% face coverage, a white background, and no border (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
Please keep in mind that photographs should not be more than three months old, should be scanned/stapled, and should not have been used for previous visas in any way.


Covering letter from the applicant outlining the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, and who will be liable for the total expenses of the trip – travel, hotel accommodations, expenses, and so on.
To: The Visa Officer at the German Embassy in Dhaka.
5. Invitation Letter: (If Any)
6. Recommendation Letter:
a. A letter / NOC on company letterhead from the applicant’s company authority stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, reason for visit, and duration of stay b. Letter of request for a visa from the educational institute or student card/proof of school enrollment (if student)
7. Proof of Occupation:
a) If the applicant is a first-time traveler or a sole proprietor, a certificate of company registration (original notarized English translated and photocopy of the original).
b) Copies of the office ID and visitor cards.
8. Financials:
a) a genuine/original bank statement from your companys last six months clearly stating the bank’s name and phone number.
b) Pay receipts for the last six months (If applicable)
9. Ticket Itinerary & Hotel Reservation:
A round-trip ticket itinerary and a hotel reservation copy are required.
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Bangladeshi visa applicants who want to visit Greece are granted visas in several categories, including:
*Visit visa *Tourist visa *Business visa *Family visa Others.
Austria, Greece,, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland are all Schengen countries. You can travel to all Schengen countries if you have a Schengen visa for Greece.

The Embassy of Italy handles visas for the Embassy of Greece. As a result, please apply for a Schengen visa for Greece at the Italian Embassy.
Plot 2/3, Road 74/79 Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh, is the address of the Italian Embassy.
E-mail address: visti.dhaka@esteri.it (+88) 02 882 2781 / 2 / 3 Fax: (+88) 02 882 3337

Italy’s Visa Application Center
AJ Heights, Cha-72/1/D, Progoti Sarani North Badda (Ground Floor). Dhaka, Bangladesh (1212) VFS Global has been appointed as an outsourced partner by the Italian Embassy in Dhaka to assist with Schengen visa applications

Our office schedule: Saturday to Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (lunch break 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm). Friday Closed.


12:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Friday is a holiday.

Applicants seeking a visa should visit the visa application center between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Legalization occurs between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.

Passports and documents are delivered between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.

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If you need any help or need to ask any questions or require additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. About your visa application, please contact us. So-way Tours & Travels will assist you in completing your paperwork..
An applicant must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for a long-term visa. go to the Greece Embassy in New Delhi in-person (D Category). However, if the applicant can provide the Embassy of Greece with reasonable justification, they may apply through a third party with permission from the embassy or consular section. Furthermore, if the inviter can adequately justify the applicant’s inability to travel to India for a visa application, the embassy may grant permission to apply through an agent.
EP-32, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Marg Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India is the address of Greece’s Embassy in New Delhi.
Emergency tel: (+91) 96 5461 6196 (+91) 11 2688 0700 Fax:, (+91) 11 2467 5231 (+91) 11 2688 8010 Email: gremb.del@mfa.gr; grcon.del@mfa.gr
For more information on applying for a visa in Italy, please visit the Italian Visa Application Center’s website. Visit Greece for more information on Schengen visas.
Visa Fee:7,905/-
Processing Time: The total estimated processing time is 10 to 15 working days (time may vary depending on the applicant’s profile and the actual processing time of the embassy).

** The So-way Tours & Travels Express service (consultancy) charge is subject to a 15% VAT.
Consultation Service Fee (BDT)
Consultation Fee: Rs.10,000/-

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