Honduras Tourist Visa Requirements
North America

  1. Documents required:
    Passports are required for all visitors, valid for at least six months from the date of their arrival.
    Two passport-sized photographs
    The application form has been completed.
    travel itinerary and proof of residency
    Return Air Ticket Letter from Employer affirming leave of absence, or letter from University plus form I-20 confirming continued enrollment.
    A genuine copy of the bank statement for the last six months is required; additional financial information may be required.
    Company letters providing complete details and confirming financial responsibility for the applicant are required for business visas.
    All infected travelers arriving within 6 days must present a yellow fever vaccination certificate.
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    Bangladeshi nationals require a visa to enter Honduras. There is, however, no embassy or consulate in Dhaka. Bangladesh. However, Honduras has no embassy or consulate in New Delhi, India. As a result, if the applicant has a valid visa to the United States or Canada, they can obtain an on-arrival visa. If the applicant does not have a valid passport, visa to the United States or Canada, the inviting party in Honduras must obtain Immigration Approval from the Honduran Ministry of Home Affairs and send it to the applicant; with the approval, the applicant can get an on-arrival visa.
    Website: http://www.hondurasemb.org/site/

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