Ireland Tourist Visa Requirements

  • 1. Travel document:
    ) Please bring your original passport with a minimum of six-month validity after the intended departure date and get your previous passports. Bring a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamps.
    Include copies of all previous passports.
    2. Visa Application Form: Fill out the visa application form online at https://www.visas.inis.gov.ie/avats/OnlineHome.aspx. The applicant must print and sign the form.
    Supplementary Tourist/Group Visit Application Form The Form must be completed in block letters. To download, go here.

    Click here to download

3. Photo:

Three recent passport size photographs,

    1. Two recent passport-size photographs, with matt or semi-matt.
    2. Photographs should be white background, without border,

    3.60-80% faces white background, and without frame (Size: 35mm x 45mm)

4. Covering-Letter:

Cover Letter from Applicant detailing Name, Designation, Passport Number, purpose, and who will bear the entire cost of the trip – travel, lodging, expenses, and so on. The letter should be addressed to The Visa Officer, Irish Embassy, New Delhi. The subject line must include the Visa Category.

5. Trip Detail:
  • An authorized tour operator can provide you with a day-by-day itinerary or a tour voucher.
  • 6. Occupation Proof:
    Forwarding-Letter: A letter from the office on the organization’s letterhead pad stating the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, duration of visit, sponsorship status, and so on. Addressed to: The Visa Officer, Irish Embassy, New Delhi
    Trade license/incorporation certificate/memorandum (if self-employed/businessman)
    Three copies of the office ID card/visiting card

7. Financials:

  • genuine copy of bank statement (salary) or personal for the previous 6 months clearly mentioning the bank’s name, telephone number, and authorized bank seal and signature (e-statement is not acceptable)
    Bank Statement for the previous six months of the company, clearly mentioning the bank’s name and telephone number (if self-employed/businessman), Companies, and Personal ITR for three years. (If self-employed/running a business)


Itinerary for your tickets based on your travel dates.

9. Hotel Booking:

Hotel reservations are based on your travel dates.
10. Medical:
Overseas Medical Insurance is provided based on the date of travel (recommended)
So-way Tours & Travels offers Visa Consultancy and Logistics Support for Ireland.
There is no Irish Consulate or Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. You must apply for an Ireland visa through the Irish Embassy in India. Bangladesh visa to Ireland
C 17 Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 India EMBASSY OF IRELAND
However, if you have all of the following documents, So-way Tours & Travels will provide you with the Processing / Logistics assistance to have your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable).
You do not need to go to the embassy in New Delhi, India, to get your visa.
Please contact us at 01844559989 if you have any specific questions (Hotline)
So-way Tours & Travels can help you obtain an Ireland visa from Bangladesh. There is no Irish Embassy in Bangladesh.

Fee for Visa Processing: Visa Types and Application Fees

Visa TypeVisa & Application Fee (BDT)Logistics charge (BDT)Total (BDT)
Single Entry8000/-25000/-33000/-
Multiple Entry13700/-25000/-38700/-
** A 15% VAT is applied to So-way Tours & Travels’ service (logistic) charge.
Processing Time: The total processing time is estimated to be 15 to 20 working days (8 to 13 working days at the Embassy + 7 working days for passport transit).
Our Premium Visa Consultancy Services are Available in Over 86 Countries Around the World. It enables you to prepare your visa application based on your profile ideally. A variety of factors influence proper visa documentation.

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