Japan Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Completed application form and one photograph with a white background. To obtain a Visa Application Form, click here.
  2. A six-month original bank statement (personal account).
  3. Itinerary of a Tour
  4. A current passport (valid for at least six months).
  5. A photocopy of your passport page containing your personal information and address.
  6. Return air tickets and hotel reservations.
  7. The visa will be valid for two weeks within Jordan. The maximum period of stay in Jordan will be two weeks.
  8. It is strongly advised to obtain Immigration Approval with an Invitation Letter from Jordan; otherwise, the process will be delayed.


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Jordanian Embassy N 14, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi-110017, India Phone: (+91) 11 2649 7031, (+91) 11 2649 7032 Email: jordan@jordanembassyindia.org

Logistics assistance (Approval from the Ministry of Interior is required)

Visa Consultation

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There is no Jordanian embassy or consulate in Bangladesh; the nearest Jordanian embassy is in India.

If you have all of the following documents, So-way Tours & Travels will help you obtain an E-visa.


Jordan problems Electronic visas, also known as e-visas, are available for various categories of visas for Bangladeshi nationals who wish to travel for a short-term visit. Jordan e-visa is a conditional authorization granted by the central Immigration authority to a foreigner to enter, remain within, or leave the territory before the authorization’s validity expires.

The Jordan e-visa allows an applicant to apply online with scanned copies of only a few documents, have the visa processed quickly, and receive the visa online in the form of a PDF/Doc file via email. Although a Jordan e-visa is a valid visa permit, it does not guarantee entry into Jordan. The immigration authority retains the final authority to grant entry permission.

So-way Tours & Travels can help you obtain a Jordan visa from Bangladesh.

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