Jordan Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Completed application form and one photograph with a white background. To obtain a Visa Application Form, click here.
  2. A six-month original bank statement (personal account).
  3. Itinerary of a Tour
  4. A current passport (valid for at least six months).
  5. A photocopy of your passport page containing your personal information and address.
  6. Return air tickets and hotel reservations.
  7. The visa will be valid for two weeks within Jordan. The maximum period of stay in Jordan will be two weeks.
  8. It is strongly advised to obtain Immigration Approval with an Invitation Letter from Jordan; otherwise, the process will be delayed.
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    Bangladeshi Business Visa Requirements for Jordan

    Jordanian Embassy in Dhaka House No. 10, Road No. 9, Baridhara, Gulshan, Dhaka Tel: (+88) 02 989 5994 Fax: (+88) 02 988 4767 Email: afghanembdk@dhaka.net or dhaka@mfa.af


    Necessary Regulations and Information:

    The Afghan Embassy in Dhaka does not issue tourist visas to Bangladeshi citizens.
    First, it is strongly advised that all visitors extend their visa before it expires if they intend to stay longer than the permitted period. If the visa is not raised by the due date, the passport holder will be fined US$2 for each day of delay during the first month and US$5 for each day of uncertainty during the second month (fined can be paid at ports). If the delay exceeds two months, the holder will be deported in addition to the fine.

    1. However, foreign visitors are strongly advised to register with their embassy in Kabul, the local Afghan Police Department, and the Afghan Tourist Organization (if the visit is solely for tourism purposes) upon arrival.
      Photographs and cinematographic films may be taken with prior written permission from the Tourist Bureau’s Press Department on the first floor of the Ministry of Information and Culture Building.
    2. It is illegal to transport some rare birds out of the country. As a result, visitors must contact the Afghan Tourist Bureau for more information and the necessary export certificate.
      Tourists may export duty-free 30 sqm carpets, ten skins (excluding Karakul), cut and polished precious stones (including Lapis Lazuli), handicrafts, and a limited selection of antiques.
    3. Visitors must declare all foreign currency (if the amount exceeds $10,000).1 million AFS or its equivalent value) that they bring with them upon arrival. Please inquire at the airport about the ‘Ansari Application Form.’

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