Monaco Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Photographs in color (full face, no dark glasses, no head covering, plain white background only)
  2. A valid passport is required (the validity of the passport has to exceed the end of the proposed trip by at least three months)
  3. Make a clear photocopy of the data page of your passport (identification page)
  4. Travel Health Insurance (for a minimum of 30,000 Euros in medical expenses)
  5. Each document must be accompanied by both the original and a photocopy.


  1. Proof of sufficient foreign cash or a guarantor’s form/Formal Obligation signed by the host/ess and duly legalized by the Swiss aliens authority.
  2. Proof of personal living circumstances: marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates (if applicable)
  3. Hotel reservation (if applicable) – not a mail-out
  4. In addition, if you work for a company in Bangladesh.
  5. Employer’s leave letter (with physical address and phone number) specifying the duration of leave and the applicant’s function/profession in the company
  6. Payslips from the last three months
  7. Last three months’ private bank account statement

So-way Tours & Travels provides Visa Consultancy in Monaco.

Bangladeshi nationals who are permitted to visit metropolitan France for a limited period of time are not need to get a visa to enter Monaco. Bangladeshi nationals with a Schengen residence permit are also permitted to enter and stay in Monaco. In order to enter and stay in Monaco, you must have a valid Schengen visa or a visa with limited territorial validity (LTV) for France. Holders of a Schengen visa should be able to present documents demonstrating the purpose and terms of their visit to Monaco.


The same restrictions and rules apply to applying for a short-stay visa in Monaco as they do for a Schengen visa.


Long time stay Visa

Prior communication with the Monegasque authorities is required for all long-stay permits. Rejected visa applications have no justification given. The French Embassy in India should be contacted for this.

Embassy of France in India

 2/50-E, Shantipath Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110 021, India

Tel: 91 (11) 4319 6100

 Fax: 91 (11) 4319 6119

With So-way Tours & Travels’ Ground Support, getting a visa in India has been more accessible and more convenient.


Why Do You Need Ground Support from So-way Tours & Travels?


Some countries with embassies in India demand the visa applicant’s personal attendance at the Embassy/VFS for an in-person interview or the collecting of biometric data. To file a visa application, the applicant must travel to India’s embassy.


The majority of applicants have a difficult time obtaining a job.


  1. Preparing a visa application with all of the relevant documents in case of an error
  2. The embassy’s submission procedures
  3. Exploring the city and locating appropriate lodging

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