Nigeria Business Visa Requirements

Business Visa Requirements

  1. Passport Pages That Are Relevant: An original passport with a validity of at least six months after the desired date of travel and at least two blank pages for visa stamping is required (photocopy of the first, second and last pages).
  2. Visa Application Form: The applicant must complete and sign the visa application form with accurate information.
  3. Photo: Two current passport-size photos
  4. Cover Letter: A personal letter from the applicant explaining personal information, the purpose of the visit, and who will be liable for the entire trip’s costs. The letter should be signed and addressed to – The Visa Officer, the appropriate visa office.
  5. Invitation Letter: 
  • An original letter of invitation from the host company in Nigeria, taking full immigration and financial responsibility and indicating the purpose of the visit (and duration of stay).
  • Self-sponsored businessmen may not need a letter of invitation, but they must show proof of sufficient cash.
  1. Copy of the invitee’s photo ID card: The Authorizing Signatory who signs the invitation must be able to prove their identity. If the authorizing signature is a Nigerian, he or she must submit a copy of his or her passport; if the signatory is a foreign national, they must additionally supply a copy of his or her Work/Residence Permit.
  2. Business Registration Form for Invitees: A copy of the Nigerian company’s incorporation certificate should be faxed immediately to the Embassy, and another copy should be submitted with the visa applications.
  3. Any other documentation pertaining to the invitation


  1. Employer’s Forwarding Letter: An original letter from the company encouraging travel and explaining the trip’s purpose. A personal request from the Applicant should also be included in the letter. The letter should be addressed to the Nigerian High Commission in New Delhi’s Visa Officer.


  1. Last six months’ pay slip.
  2. Personal Bank Statements: Original bank statements (personal/payroll) for the last six months, clearly stating the bank’s name, telephone number, and signature (e-statement is not acceptable)
  3. Sponsor’s Bank Statements: Original/scanned copy of bank statements from the sponsoring party (invitee/Employer company/any other individual) for the last six months, clearly stating the bank’s name, telephone number, and signature.
  4. Endorsement: Proof of funds in the form of a foreign exchange endorsement on the passport (minimum USD 500). (along with its photocopy).
  5. Itinerary for airline tickets: Confirmed return plane ticket (along with a photocopy)


  1. Hotel Reservation: A planned itinerary for your stay at a hotel or resort in accordance with the trip’s timetable.


  1. Additions to the Supporting Documents:

Immigration Service of Nigeria Receipt for Visa Payment and Receipt for Visa Acknowledgement


  1. PCC with original attestation (Police Clearance Certificate attested by foreign ministry).


  1. Vaccination card for yellow fever.

Visa requirements for tourists

  1. You’ll need a passport that’s valid for at least six months.
  2. A properly filled-out 2 visa application form. To obtain a copy of the Visa Application Form, click here.
  3. Two passport-sized pictures taken recently.
  4. A letter of invitation from a Nigerian company or host admitting responsibility for immigration.
  5. If the inviter is a Nigerian, a copy of their passport’s bio-data page; if the inviter is not a Nigerian, a copy of their passport, visa, and residency permission.
  6. An applicant’s covering letter or a forwarding letter from the applicant’s employment.
  7. Last six months’ original bank statement
  8. NOC and salary slips for the previous six months.
  9. Make a hotel reservation.
  10. A ticket that has been confirmed.
  11. PCC with original attestation (Police Clearance Certificate attested by foreign ministry).
  12. Vaccination card for yellow fever.

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Because Dhaka lacks an embassy or consulate, the nearest embassy is in New Delhi, India.


The Nigerian High Commission in India is located in New Delhi.

New Delhi-11002, India, EP.4 Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri

Phone no: +1 (91) 11 2412 2142, +91 (91) 11 2412 2144

Email: nchnder@vsnl.com,


Visit the Nigerian Embassy’s website at 


Biometric Fingerprints have just been introduced by the Nigerian Embassy, making it obligatory for applicants to submit their visa applications in person at the Nigerian Embassy in New Delhi, India. This country’s visa assistance is no longer provided by So-way Tours & Travels. Please gather your documents and travel to India to submit your visa application in person.

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Some countries with embassies in India demand the visa applicant’s personal attendance at the Embassy/VFS for an in-person interview or the collecting of biometric data. To file a visa application, the applicant must travel to India’s embassy.


The majority of applicants have a difficult time obtaining a job.


  1. preparing a visa application with all of the relevant documents in case of an error
  2. the embassy’s submission procedures
  3. exploring the city and locating appropriate lodging

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