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Norwegian University of Science and Technology History and Background

Norwegian University of Science and Technology otherwise called NTNU is an open research college situated in Norway. The college goes back to 1760 with the establishment of Trondheim Academy pursued by a progression of mergers with advanced education foundations therefore being set up in its present structure in the year 1996. We provide information to the students MBA in Norway, pharmacy course in Norway, MPhil in Norway, Phd in Norway, engineering in Norway etc.

NTNU is a college with a worldwide center, with home office in Trondheim and grounds in Ålesund and Gjøvik.

NTNU has a primary profile in science and innovation, an assortment of projects of expert investigation, and incredible scholastic expansiveness that additionally incorporates the humanities, sociologies, financial aspects, drug, wellbeing sciences, instructive science, design, business, craftsmanship disciplines and aesthetic exercises. So-way Tours & Travels for Student provides Norway student visa from Bangladesh.

Notable Alumni:

Lars Onsager and Ivar Giaever (Nobel Prize Laureates), Julie Dahle Aagard (Norwegian Jazz musician), and Ove Alexander Billington (Norwegian jazz pianist and composer)

Why Norwegian University of Science and Technology?

  • NTNU specializes in engineering, technology and natural sciences
  • It is the largest university in Norway
  • More than 30 master’s programmes are taught in English
  • Multicultural university

Total Faculty:

Engineering, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Architecture and Design, Economics and Management, Medicine and Health Sciences, Social and Educational Sciences, Humanities

Tuition Fees Range:

  • Post-Graduate: It’s free for all nationalist

Entry Requirement:

  • Valid travel documents (Passport)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Detail Address, Phone Number, Email & Skype ID)
  • Two valid reference with email & phone number
  • SSC & HSC result 75% in Marks
  • Bachelor result above result 75% in Marks
  • English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS 6.5 or above or TOEFL 554 or above)
  • Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter
  • Job Experience (If Available)

Admission Charge

Service                                                    Fee (BDT)
Admission                                               20,000/=

*** This is a very basic checklist. Additional documents may require. For further help, please contact with us through email or phone.

Admission Charge

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