Saint Lucia Business Visa Requirement
North America

1. Passport:

bring your original passport with a minimum of six-month validity after the date of issue is the entry date for the visa you are applying for

2. Visa Request Form:

Fill out and sign your visa application form ultimately. A visa application that is incomplete will not be considered. So-way Tours & Travels has a form available.

3. a photograph

Please send two (2) identical 2″ X 2″ passport-sized color photos.

4. Travel documentation:

Would you please send a copy of

return airline ticket, as well as

Itinerary / Plan de Voyage

5. Demonstration of Financial Capability:

You have to provide us with a copy of your most recent resume. Bank statements or a letter from your bank confirming that you have enough funds to support your travel. account holder’s name and the account number account balance are all in the visa applicant’s name. You must be displayed on the bank statement.

6. Employment Documentation:

Would you please provide a letter from your current employer detailing your start date and current pay rate? Please provide copies of your ITR for the previous tax year if you are self-employed.

7. Proof of Accommodation:


Please follow the instructions below following the purpose of your stay:

Tourism (8th):

Please bring a copy of your hotel reservation with you.

9. Staying Privately:


Please provide an invitation letter from you. Saint Lucian host. This letter must include the number of visa entries requested and the contact information for your inviting host, including address and phone number.


10. Business Trip:

Please provide the original detailed invitation letter from the saint Lucian host company. This letter must state the purpose of your stay and whether or not the host company will cover your expenses for the duration of your stay. This letter must also say that you will not be receiving any financial compensation or pay while in Saint Lucia.

11. Research:

Please send us a copy of your admission letter—proof of registration and proof of tuition payment.

12. Proof of College / University Enrollment:

Please provide proof of enrollment indicating the date of enrollment If you’re currently enrolled in a course of study in an institution, as well as your status (i.e., full-time or part-time).

13. Permanent Resident of the United States / Visa Issued:

If you have a permanent residency card (green card) or a visa issued by the United States, please include a copy with your visa application form.

  1. So-way Tours & Travels provides logistics support for Saint Lucia. Visa Consultation

    Bangladesh nationals intending to visit Saint Lucia for business, pleasure, or study must obtain a visa before arriving. Saint Lucia lacks diplomatic representation in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Saint Lucia’s nearest embassy is in New Delhi, India.

    Honorary Consulate of Saint Lucia in New Delhi, India D-3, 5th Floor, District Centre Saket, New Delhi-110017, India

    However, if you have all of the following documents, So-way Tours & Travels will provide you with the Processing / Logistics assistance to have your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). You do not need to go to the embassy in New Delhi, India, to get your visa.

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