SEGi University and College Malaysia | Malaysia

SEGi University and College Malaysia History and Background

SEGi University & College in Malaysia is a private tertiary institution for Accounting, Early Childhood. Engineering, Business etc. in Kota Damansara, Selangor. SEGi is one of the biggest private higher instruction suppliers in Malaysia. It was established in 1977 in Kuala Lumpur as Systematic College.The university  has expanded to five campuses.It offers a wide range of programmes to bring out the best qualities in our students. We endeavor to improve the minds of our understudies by giving top-notch instruction and guaranteeing we offer a all encompassing involvement to cherish for life. We provide information to the students on lowest tuition fees university of Malaysia, how to get student visa from Malaysia student visa and Malaysian universities invitation letter procedure etc.

SEGi University launched its first Research & Development (R&D) Blueprint (2016 – 2020), focusing on three main phases, in 2015. The blueprint allowed SEGi University to drive successful research and innovation strategy with an impactful outcome for the community. A clear theme that runs through this blueprint is the need for all components of the university system to work seamlessly together. In moving forward, SEGi University internalize its research capability through effective collaboration among the public, university, business sectors and across national boundaries, allowing for steady, long-term investments in R&D, starting with good facilities, internal grants and other infrastructures which could support Industry 4.0 research clusters in a bigger scale. So-way Tours & Travels for Student provides Malaysia student visa from Bangladesh

Why SEGi University and College Malaysia?

  • Top private university in Malaysia
  • Top notch education provider
  • Excellent career prospects
  • Affordable tuition fees

Total Faculty:

Accounting, Engineering, Arts, Science, Computer Science & Technology, Hospitality Management, Law, Education

Tuition Fees Range:

  • Undergraduate:  4,700 USD to 7,000 USD
  • Post-Graduate:  4,300 USD to 9,200 USD

Entry Requirement:

  • Valid travel documents (Passport)
  • Curriculum Vitae (Detail Address, Phone Number, Email & Skype ID)
  • Two valid reference with email & phone number
  • SSC & HSC result 75% in Marks
  • Bachelor result above result 75% in Marks
  • English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS 5.0 or above or TOEFL 550 or above)
  • Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter
  • Job Experience (If Available)

Admission Charge