Thailand is famous for its topical beaches, if you are looking for quit place and adventure you can easily choose Thailand.

Thailand that means land of the free, before the countries  name was Siam until the year 1949.the capital of Thailand Bangkok .basically its located  in the heart of mainland of  south east Asia. The land area approximately 5, 14,000 sq. .Km.

Thailand is multi ethnic nation with population of 64.1 million.       

Thailand season basically are three season that hot and dry season from February to May. From June to October monsoon season, dry cooler season from November to January.

The official language is Thai. It’s a tonal language with different accent.in 1283 by king Ramkhamhaeng was created its script. Other language also spoken in Thailand as like china and Malaya, English also spoken widely in this country.    

Over90% Thailand people are Buddhist .other major religious peoples are also practice different religion. These religious are Muslim, Hinduism, and Christian also.

Thailand is a parliamentary (bi-cameral) democracy with constitutional monarchy

Thailand economy basically depends on exports. Thailand is new industrialized country. Thailand is the 8th largest economy of Asia. Major industries include tourism textiles and garments agricultural processing tobacco cement. Thailand is mixed economy system.

Because of covid -19 all over the world financially breakdown so Thailand also faced the same issues. The emergency covid-19 vaccine had also given that why Thailand hope to recovery soon in foreign tourist section.

Mainly Thailand exports agriculture products, agro industrial products, manufacturing products. The most manufacture products are automotive parts, jewelry, chemical products. Agricultural major export items are natural rubber, rice frozen sea food, processed chicken fruits and vegetables. Agro products include with sugar and canned and processed food.

Thailand is the number one tourist location  in south Asia. Its best known for its charming beauty and breath taking beaches. Thailand has stunning temples.              

Thai peoples love festivals. Many festival are planned according to the calendar, because it depends on calendar so the exact date do matter in each ever year. Festival places all over the country, one of the most important festive are light festival. This light festive held on full moon night in November every year.

Thailand famous for:

Temple: when you visit Thailand u will explore 4 to 5 temple  in a one day by foot. With more than 41,000 are being built in Thailand, it’s a heavily Buddhist country. The most iconic temple in Thailand is the white temple in chiang rai.when you visit temple keep remember respect towards Buddha statues keep your voice low and covering your knees and shoulders with clothes and take of your shoes

Street food:

Maximum travelers don’t realize that each region of Thailand has different cuisine and flavor .the eastern region has lots of spiced meat dishes. The south region has the spiciest food u will taste.in one place you will find all types of Thai food in Bangkok. The most different street food scene you will see in Bangkok.

Island: Thailand has most beautiful and attracted beaches where the beach is crowd less .there are huge opportunity for exploring the island in Thailand. The most beautiful island located in Andaman Sea. Koh lipe and kohl anta island incredible view and clean water with stunning coral reefs to snorkel.

Tuktuk Vehicle: Tuk Tuks are more costly than taxies. It’s worth a tip or two. However when you want to visit around town u and hire this one, moreover you will found how much fun it is.Tuk Tuk is mainly three-wheeled Vehicle.

Elephant pants: elephant pants created by the backpackers. When you will walk down in the Thailand street then you will see half of the Thailand travelers wearing these iconic baggy, it’s a supper comfortable pants.as you know Thailand is too hot to wear jeans and long pants .required to enter temples elephant pants are the best to wear.

Shopping: Thailand is a paradise for shopping. Who is shopaholics Thailand is the best place for shopping you will find shopping Centre in every corner .most large shopping Centre you will find here with large food courts and local foods. The food courts are cheap with nice environment and air-conditioned. Market in Thailand go way beyond just shopping. Local and tourist peoples can socialize can find food, and can grab a drink. Another thing you will see that the band play local music even you can watch it in live. The most popular market in Thailand amphawa.

Monks: you can recognize monk easily cause they dressed up with plain bright orange robes and they carry alms bowl for collecting foods for donation, be alert if you find any monk ask for donation in the street basically they are typically scammer. There are over 3, 00,000 monks through Thailand.

Unusual fun fact:        

  • The one of funny fact in Thailand Is Every year there is a festival they dedicated  entirely to monkeys in Thailand.in the month of November there is an annual lopburi banquet that is hosted in front of pra prang Sam yot temple. Thai locals invited more than 600 monkeys to feast on a buffet. The food is prepared by the locals. Menu is included rice tropical fruits, salad, grilled and ice-cream. local peoples do it because they think that its bring good luck and thanks to the monkeys who brings thousands tourist each year in the city.
  • Another fun and unusual fact is paying respect to the royal family is a very serious matter. The royal family adored and deeply respected by citizen.in Thai law it’s strictly against the law if someone criticize any member of monarchy. If any disrespectful acts performed towards them queen or royals heirs will punish them. Fathers and mother’s day are celebrated in Thailand widely.                                           
  • Under age of twenty all Thai young men of all social ranking including prince and king became Buddhist monk in the past. But it’s for only short for a time in their life time .though it’s not national requirement it’s just came from Buddhist families. Now in Thailand few Buddhist men observe and practice of monkhood. They believe good karma will be bestowed upon the man’s family.
  • Thailand is the only one orchid exporter: Thailand’s national flower is orchid. All over the country Thailand orchid exports. and the rest orchid sales on the domestic  market area.in Thailand forest and jungle orchid grown ,1500 different orchid can found in Thailand .don’t be surprise if u see orchid is growing on the side of the road.
  • Thai peoples considered the most important part of the body is head.in Thai culture it’s considered disrespectful if someone touch anyone on the head. Even no one should touch child head.by low there head in front anyone older than themselves or higher position its shows respect to one another.

Best place for visit in Thailand:

Bangkok: Thailand’s capital is the best place for shopping lovers. Over eight million peoples are buzzing around in this city. There are many shopping centers as well as you will find traditional floating market. For best experience you can house chatuchak market, it’s the one of the largest outdoor market. chatuchak sales by its local price.

Doi Inthanon National Park: This national park surrounded its jungle mountains. If travelers want to see different side of the city chiang mai is one of the best destinations in Thailand. These cities constructions are ancient, hill trekking and tropical rain forest.

Ang Thong National Marine Park: in this Marine Park spas and temples discovered. This place is one of the most popular holiday spot in Thailand. Tourist can enjoy a short and quick ferry ride, and will enjoy the breathtaking sunset and mountains and postcard worthy beaches.

Wat Rong Khun (White Temple): in Thailand a lot of temple will be found but this white temple is most attractive place for visit.it will mesmerize you for its beauty. This white temple coming up the top of the list. At rong kun technically no longer temple but privately its redesigned and rebuilt by chalermchai kositpipat.

Pattaya: for fun and relaxed afternoon the best trip is pattaya.if you want to see at least one temple while you are here wat phra yai temple is the one .is also known as big Buddha.this features 18 mete tall golden Buddha. You can try pattays museums and also 3d museums. This tour will give you fascinating sight.

The things you should avoid in Thailand:

  • swim at the southern Andaman beaches in the low season.
  • hire motorbike
  • get an argument with Thai police.
  • get in a taxi or tuk tuk before negotiating your fair.
  • go to zoos.
  • go to tiger o animal shows.
  • ride an elephant

In Thailand people show there respect to other peoples by a politely greeting which done by gathering your two hand like a praying sign.

Thai people don’t like when you point anything by your feet. Thai people don’t like when someone loose temper or raise voice. If someone ask your marital status or age or what u do for living done be offended.

Thailand is most beautiful country. Hope you enjoyed while you read it and knew about Thailand.

Best for spa:

Swedish spa: Massages are one most popular treatment; in Thailand Swedish spa are top choices for spa goers. This kind spa basically taken relieves muscle tension. This also works for stress relief. Within a short 45 minutes if you take massage it lowers the body stress hormone levels. Massage therapist relieve muscle tension.

Hot stone spa:

Another popular treatment at spas is the hot stone massage, which offers the same benefits as Swedish massage with the addition of carefully placed warmed stones on the body. The heat of the stones helps to relax the muscles and can even reduce inflammation and stiffness. The stones are generally placed on acupressure points, which ease tension when massaged. Alternatively, treat yourself to a Thai massage, where warm herbal compresses are used – yummy.

Pampering facial:

Facials are often thought of solely as beauty treatments, but they can be extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. Facials offers a combination of massage and skin treatment; the use of products designed to help your personal skin problems along with the therapists gentle touch will relieve tension in your facial muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and at ease. Schedule your natural or medical facial at our clinic.

Pedicure and feet spa: after a long day’s work if you got a feet spa you will feel heaven .Thailand is the best place for relaxation. It’s not the matter what types spa you taking but take time and relax. This pedicure part of the treatment it will look beautiful when you take feet spa.

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