Vietnam Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Passport: An original passport with a validity of at least six months beyond the planned travel date and at least two empty pages for visa stamping is required.
  2. Vietnam Visa Application Form: The applicant must complete and sign the visa application form.
  3. Photo requirements: two recent passport-sized photos with a matt or semi-matt quality, 60-80% facial coverage, white backdrop, and no border (Size: 35mm x 45mm)
  4. Letter of Invitation: (If Any)
  5. Forwarding-Letter: a. On the applicant’s company letterhead, a forwarding letter / NOC from the applicant’s company authority specifying the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, and duration of visit.
  6. A letter from the educational institution requesting a visa or a student card/proof of school enrolment (if student)
  7. Office ID card copy and visiting cards as proof of occupation.
  8. NID Card: The passport and NID must both include the same information. Affidavit is required in cases of dissimilarity.
  9. Accounts Payable: Original Bank Statement
  10. Hotel Reservation & Ticket **Soft copies of all of the following papers are necessary.

So-way Tours & Travels offers Visa Consultancy in Vietnam.

Visas are provided to Bangladeshi visa applicants who intend to go to Vietnam in a variety of categories, including:

Visa for a visit

Applicants for Vietnam visas can send their applications, as well as supporting papers, to the Vietnam Embassy.

Vintage Building, Plot 07, Road 104, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh Phone: (880) 8854052 Fax: (880) 8854051 Embassy of Vietnam in Dhaka, Bangladesh Address: Vintage Building, Plot 07, Road 104, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

dhaka@mofa.gov.vn dhaka@mofa.gov.vn dhaka@mofa.gov.

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Visa applications are accepted from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Collection of visas: 15:00 – 16:00 p.m.

Vietnam Embassy in Bangladesh’s website is www.vietnamembassy-bangladesh.org.

For Bangladesh passport holders, there are two options for obtaining a visa:

On arriving at the airport, clients will get a visa stamp. In this scenario, we will assist the customer in obtaining the Immigration Department’s Visa Approval Letter. Then you just print this letter for each customer and ask them to present it to the airport immigration counter with USD 25 cash and two pictures (4x6cm), where they will be stamped with a visa. They will be able to enter Vietnam simply after that. We strongly advise you to obtain a visa stamp in this manner.

Before leaving for Vietnam, the clients will receive a visa stamp from the Vietnam Embassy in Dhaka. In this situation, the Visa Approval Letter Code, followed by this letter to the Vietnamese Embassy.

Total fee: 7,200/- Visa fee: 6,500/- Logistic fee: 7,00/- Total fee: 7,200/-

Visa Processing Fee for Complete Application (As Per Check List):

Visa Fee (BDT)So-way Tours & Travels Fee (BDT)Total (BDT)
3500/- (Immigration approval)1000/-4500/-


Consultancy: You may use our Consultancy Service if you need help drafting a persuasive visa application with all of the essential supporting documentation. The following services are included in the consultation: – Applicant background / profile research, – Customized checklist, – Application form completion, and – Cover letter (If needed)

Visa Fee (BDT)So-way tours & Travels Fee (BDT)Consultancy Fee (BDT)Total (BDT)
3500/- (Immigration approval)700/-2500/-6700/-

Processing Time:

Total approximate time is 15 working days.

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