Zambia Business Visa Requirements

  1. Passport: A certified bio page copy of a current passport is required. all prior passport copies, as well as visa copies
  2. Visa Application Form: You must complete out the visa application form online.
  3. Image: A recent passport-sized photograph

Finished in a matt or semi-matt finish,

Photographs should have a white backdrop, no borders, and 60-80% face coverage (Size: 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm).

  1. Covering-Letter:A cover letter from the applicant detailing his or her name, designation, passport number, purpose, and who will be liable for the entire cost of the trip, including travel, lodging, and expenses. The letter should be written to The Zambian Immigration Director General. The visa category must be included in the subject line.
  2. Trip Information: A copy of the day-by-day itinerary or a tour ticket from a licensed travel operator.
  3. Occupation Proof:
  4. Forwarding-Letter: A statement from the office, such as a NOC/LOI letters on the organization’s letterhead pad, specifying the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, length of stay, sponsorship status, and so on. Addressed to – Zambia’s Director General of Immigration.

If self-employed/businessman, certified photocopies of trade license/Certificate of Incorporation/Memorandum

Copy of office ID card/card Visitor’s

  1. Financials: Copy of financial statements (salary)/personal balance sheet and income statement for the last six months, clearly stating the bank’s name, telephone number, and approved bank seal and signature (e-statement is not acceptable)
  2. Ticket: Itinerary for your ticket based on your trip dates.
  3. Hotel Reservation: Make a hotel reservation for the duration of your trip.
  4. Medical: You must have a Yellow Fever Certificate.

Important information: Before visiting Zambia, all travellers must obtain a Yellow Fever Vaccination. All soft copies of papers should be sent in PNG image format.

So-way Tours & Travels offers E-visa Visa Consultancy in Zambia.

C-6/5 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India Zambian High Commission in New Delhi, India

Email: zambiand@gmail.com Phone: (+91) 11 2615 0270

Website: http://www.zambiahighcomdelhi.org/hczambia.php?id=Visa&q=2&id=Visa&q=2&id=Visa&q=2&id=Visa&q=2&id=Visa&q=

Zambia’s problems Bangladeshi nationals who wish to travel for a short-term visit can apply for an electronic visa, also known as an e-visa. The Zambian e-visa is a conditional authorisation provided by the federal Immigration authority to a foreigner to enter, stay in, or depart the country before the validity of the permit expires.

An applicant for a Zambia e-visa can apply online with scanned copies of a few papers, have the visa processed quickly, and get the visa in the form of a PDF/Doc file by email. Although the Zambia e-visa is a legitimate visa authorization, it does not ensure entry into Zambian territory. The immigration authority retains the final decision on whether or not to grant entrance authorization.


 Visa TypeVisa & Application Fee (BDT)E-visa Processing charge (BDT)Total (BDT)
Single Entry4245/-10000/-14245/-
Transit Entry4245/-10000/-14245/-
Double Entry6790/-10000/-16790/-
Multiple Entry12731/-10000/-22731/-


** The service (logistic) price of So-way Tours & Travels is subject to a 15% VAT.

Note: The cost of a visa is determined by the current currency rate (USD to BDT)


The total processing time is estimated to be 15 to 21 working days. The Immigration Office has the authority to raise or decrease the processing time.)

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