Bahrain Tourist Visa Requirements

This is a basic visa paperwork checklist based on the assigned embassy/visa office. You can add extra supporting papers dependent on your nature and purpose of travel/visa category to increase your chances to get a visa. So-way Tours & Travels offers a Consultancy Service, in which we ensure that you have all of the essential documentation for a thorough visa application.

Obtaining an e-Visa with this website involves three steps:

Apply for an e-Visa by clicking “Apply for e-Visa” and filling out the easy form, which includes your passport information. Make a mental note of the Application Reference Number that has been provided.

Use your credit or debit card for paying the necessary charge (through a secure session with a payment gateway).

Check to check if your application has been accepted online (using the reference number supplied). It will take about 3-5 working days to process your application.

You can print an approval copy and bring it with you on your trip. (This is an optional step.)

If your application is denied by them, you must contact the NPRA or the Bahraini embassy in your area.


So-way Tours & Travels offers Visa Consultancy in Bahrain.

Bahrain has implemented the E-visa system. ‘Regular’ Bangladeshi passport holders, on the other hand, are not eligible to apply for an e-visa on their own. A sponsor who can apply for a visa on your behalf is required. For assistance, contact one of the following:

A Bahraini enterprise ready to sponsor/invite you to participate.

A Bahraini citizen ready to sponsor/invite you to Bahrain.

Your airline, to be precise.

In Bahrain, you’ve decided on a hotel.

A travel agent in Bahrain.

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