Dominican Republic Tourist Visa Requirements
North America

1) A single visa application form that has been typed

2) Two passport-size photographs with a white backdrop (DO NOT staple the photograph).

3) Hotel Reservations and Travel Itinerary

4) Company cover letter stating the objective of the trip. (It must be provided with a SPANISH translation.)

5) Apostille for Police Clearance Certificate (if applicable)/attested by Ministry of External Affairs/Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the relevant government) (submitted along with its translation in Spanish).

6) Bank Letter Date of account inception, yearly average balance maintained throughout the year, and date of most recent deposit (It was submitted with a Spanish translation).

7) The original passport, a copy of it, and copies of the visa papers.

( at least 18 months.)

8) Hotel Reservations and Travel Itinerary

9) Letter of invitation from the Dominican Republic company:

10) If invited by a Dominican Republic enterprise, the applicant must include a Spanish invitation letter that has been notarized and approved by the Procuradura General de la Repblica Dominicana.

11) The following clause should be included in the invitation letter: “Garantizo que (nombre, nacionalidad, y pasaporte), no permanecerá en la Repblica Dominicana más tiempo que el concedido por la Dirección General de Migración, ni solicitara residencia o cambio de estatus migratorio desde el territorio dominicano, dedicándose exclusiv I take moral and financial responsibility for their return to their home country, assuming responsibility for any expenses incurred during their stay in the country, or that arise as a result of their repatriate or expulsion.”

12) Certificate of Company Registration in the Dominican Republic

13) Guarantor’s Dominican ID (Cedula) or Guarantor’s Migration Status Document showing that the Guarantor is allowed to sign on behalf of the firm.

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Dominica does not have an embassy or consulate in Dhaka, Bangladesh. To apply for a visa to Dominica, one must go to the nearest Dominica Embassy or Consulate in India.

Embassy of the Dominican Republic, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057, India B-1/20, Ground Floor

Email: embadom@dr-embassy-india.com Phone: (+91) 11 4342 5000 Fax: (+91) 11 4342 5050

Visit https://www.dr-embassy-india.com/visa.html for more information.

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