Laos Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. A valid passport with minimum two blank pages for visa stamping and a validity of more than six months. All of your old passports should be attached (if any)


  1. The applicant must complete and sign two (2) visa application forms (Photocopy allowed). To obtain a visa application form, click here.


  1. Three (3) recent passport-size color pictures with a Matte or Semi-Matte finish


  1. A copy of your company’s identification card.


Three (3) copies of the Visiting Card are required.


  1. The applicant must submit a forwarding letter on the company’s letterhead, specifying his name, designation, passport number, purpose, and duration of travel. The visa officer, Embassy of Laos, People’s Democratic Republic of New Delhi, should get the letter.


  1. A cover letter from the applicant explaining why they are visiting Laos.


  1. Invitation On its letterhead, a letter from the Laos host / inviting company should state the purpose of travel, the period of stay, and be legally signed with the signatory’s name and designation (Only for Business purpose travel).


  1. Original bank statement for last six months as verification of funds.


  1. Confirmation of hotel reservations and flight reservations.

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In the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Laos has no diplomatic representation. One can check for the nearest Laos embassy in India.


Laos’ embassy in India

A 104/7, Parrmanand Estate, Maharani Bagh 

New Delhi-110065, India, 

Email: laoembdelhi@yahoo.com, 


Phone: (+91) 11 4132 7352 (Consular)


If you have all of the documentation listed below, So-way Tours & Travels will assist you with the processing and logistics of getting your visa stamped (Logistics charge applicable). To process your visa, you do not need to go to the embassy in New Delhi, India.


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So-way Tours & Travels assists you in obtaining a visa to Laos from Bangladesh.

Our Premium Visa Consultancy, which covers over 86 countries throughout the world, takes a 360-degree approach. It enables you to correctly design your visa application based on your profile. The proper documentation for a visa is determined by a number of criteria. As a result, we undertake a thorough background and travel history investigation on the customer. On this basis, a precise, tailored consultation is delivered. To improve the acceptability of a visa application, clients are thoroughly briefed the precise paperwork needs. We handle all of the pre-application document screening on your behalf under this hood. To relieve you of any recurring issues, we provide visa help for over 70 countries that do not have an embassy in Bangladesh.


We’ll create a case file with your name and contact information so we can look into your travel and career background. Then we’ll plan the best strategy for submitting a successful visa application. Our Visa Consultancy Support is only available after you have purchased the service and agreed to our terms and conditions.


To schedule a consultation, please call our toll-free lines.


Our consulting services include the following:


  1. Researching Your Background and Travel Experiences


  1. Developing a Checklist based on Profile Merit.


3 Identifying Loop Holes and Getting Rid of Them


  1. Planning the most effective visa application strategy.


Services for Distant Clients via Tele-Consultancy:


You can still use our Consultancy services if you can’t reach us in person. We may schedule an Audio/Video Consultation at your convenience using Skype, WhatsApp, or any other handy program. Please contact us through email for further information and to schedule an appointment (Saturday to Thursday).


Call to Schedule an Appointment:




*** The charge for our consultation services ranges from BDT 10,000 to BDT 50,000 per applicant (Based on country, visa category & the complexity of case). We’ll begin by listening to your situation and determining the Consultancy Fee. Then, when you access your case file, you must make a payment, and then we will sit for the Detail Consultation.

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