El Salvador Business Visa Requirements
North America

The passengers must have a Salvadorian or foreign citizen who is lawfully resident in the Republic of El Salvador as a counterpart (Guarantor), who must physically make a formal request to the Bureau of Migration DGM, together with the necessary documents:

The Guarantor presents the DGM with a commitment letter providing the following information about the traveler:

1) The applicant’s name;

2) The purpose of the visit to the firm;

3) The length of your stay, as well as the days you’d want to stay;

4) Your El Salvador lodging (address and phone number);

5) A copy of the Guarantor’s identification document;

6) A copy of the traveler’s passport that is valid for at least six months;

7) Make a readable copy of the pages of the passport that have been used;

8) The applicant’s curriculum vitae;

Photographs 9)

Note that submitting these papers does not ensure that a visa will be issued. According to the Salvadorian Migration Law, it is at the discretion of the Bureau of Migration (Direccion General de Migracion).

DGM office contact information:

  1. A. 9a. Calle Pte. y final 15 Av. Nte. Centro de Gobierno, San Salvador; Dirección General de Migración

atencion.usuarios@seguridad.gob.sv Tel: (503) 2213-7700 E-mail: atencion.usuarios@seguridad.gob.sv

For visa concerns, Bangladeshi passengers should contact the above-mentioned location or urge their inviter to process their visa at the DGM office.

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El Salvador does not have an embassy in Bangladesh; the closest embassy is in New Delhi, India.

The visa, however, is granted by the DGM office in El Salvador for Bangladeshi passengers. The New Delhi Embassy is unable to assist in this case.


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