New Zealand Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Passport: 
  •  Passports must be valid for at least three months beyond the scheduled departure date from New Zealand. All applicants must submit a photocopy of the first and last pages of their passports.
  • A copy of any previous passports or visas that have been issued.
  1. Visa Application Form:

Completed and signed Visa Application Form in English Capital Letters. Answer each question on the form, and if required, continue the question on a separate sheet.

  1. Photo
  • Two passport-size color pictures (3x4cm, white background) accompanied by three Visiting Cards.
  •  60-80% facial coverage, light background, and no border (Size: 35mm x 45mm).
  1. Covering-Letter:

A letter from the applicant explains their name, designation, passport number, purpose, and who will be liable for the entire cost of the trip, including travel, lodging, and expenses. “New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi, India” is the address. In the subject line, the visa category must be specified.

  1. Proof of Occupation: 
  •  A letter from the office, such as a NOC/LOI letter on the organization’s letterhead pad, specifying the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, duration of visit, sponsorship status, and other pertinent information. Address- “New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi, India,”
  •  Copies of the office ID card and the visitor’s card (3 copies)
  •  Trade license / Certificate of Incorporation & Memorandum (for business person)
  • A letter from the office confirming your salary.
  1. Financial: 
  •  Original bank statement copy (salary)/personal bank statement for the last six months, clearly stating the bank’s name and phone number.


  •  Employer Company’s Bank Statement for the previous six months, clearly stating the bank’s name and telephone number. (If the company pays for the travel)
  1. Ticket:

Itinerary for the ticket based on the travel date.

  1. Hotel Reservations: 

Make hotel reservations according to your vacation dates.

  1. Itinerary: 

Itinerary with a day-by-day trip schedule.

So-way Tours & Travels provides logistical support as well as Visa Consultancy in New Zealand.

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, there is no New Zealand Consulate or Embassy. India has the closest embassy. From Bangladesh, a visa to New Zealand is required.

Sir Edmund Hillary Marg Chanakyapuri, 

New Delhi-110021, India, 

New Zealand High Commission


However, if you have all of the following documents, So-way Tours & Travels will help you with the processing and logistics of getting your visa stamped in Bangladesh (Logistics charge applicable). To process your visa, you do not need to go to the embassy in New Delhi, India.


Online Visa Application: Visitors can apply for a New Zealand visa online (preferred) and upload all essential documents to their system. Then you must pay the money and submit the application online. After that, you must send your original passport(s) as well as your application (email) Passport verification confirmation from the New Zealand High Commission in India at our office


 Number of EntryApplication Center Fee (BDT)Logistics charge (BDT)Total (BDT)

** So-way Tours & Travels service (logistic) charges are subject to a 15% VAT.


A total of 17 to 19 working days is estimated (10-12 working days at the Embassy + 7 working days for passport transit).

We take a 360-degree approach to our Premium Visa Consultancy for over 86 countries around the world. It enables you to correctly design your visa application based on your profile. The proper documentation for a visa is determined by a number of criteria.

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