Liechtenstein Business Visa Requirements

  1. Passport: 

An original passport with minimum six months validity beyond the anticipated travel date and at least two blank pages for visa stamping is required.

  • A copy of any previous passports or visas that have been issued.
  • Include all of your previous passports (if any).
  • If a visa request is denied, the information of the original letter sent by the country’s authorities are preferable.
  •  Include at least three blank pages in your document.


  1. Visa Application Form: 

The applicant must complete and sign the Visa Application Form.

  1. Photo requirements: 

Two current passport-size photos with a white backdrop and no border (Size: 3.5 cm x 5.0 cm). The photos should not be stapled to the Application Form.


Please note: The photograph should not be older than three months and should not have been used for any previous visas.

  1. Covering-Letter: 

A letter outlining the objective of the visit as well as the itinerary.


  1. Letter of Invitation/Tour Plan: 

In the case of a business visit, a letter of invitation from a host or company in the visiting country is necessary. A comprehensive itinerary of the proposed trip or a tour ticket from an authorized travel operator is required for a tourist visa.

  1. Travel medical visa insurance: 

Confirmation of coverage of at least 30,000 Euros across the Schengen area. The policy’s validity term must be explicitly stated, and it must cover the entire duration of the trip, including arrival and departure dates.


  1. Forwarding-Letter: 
  •  On the employer’s letterhead, a forwarding letter / NOC from the applicant’s company authority specifying the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, purpose, and duration of visit.
  •  A letter from the educational institution requesting a visa or a student card/proof of school enrollment (if student).

For minors: 

  •  Both parents’ signatures on all pages of the application; 
  •  A notarized ‘No Objection Certificate’ signed by both parents or by the parent who is not accompanying the kid on the trip.


  1. Proof of Occupation: 
  •  If the applicant is a first-time traveler or a proprietor, a company registration certificate (original notarized English translation and original photocopy).
  • Copies of the office ID card and visitor cards


  1. Proof of civil status: 

Marriage certificate, children’s birth certificates, and, if relevant, a spouse’s death certificate.

  1. Financials: 
  •  Company or personal bank statement for the previous six months, clearly stating the bank’s name and phone number.
  •  Pay slip for the previous six months. (If applicable)


  1. Itinerary & Hotel Reservation: 

Proof of Stay for the entire duration of the anticipated stay. Round-trip air tickets or issued E-tickets with travel dates (with return flights for courses less than 91 days).

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The entrance requirements for Switzerland and Liechtenstein are the same. The provisions relating to visa-required individuals are same. Individuals who require a Liechtenstein visa should contact the Swiss consulate in their country of residence. The request is decided by the Swiss authorities.

Switzerland’s Embassy:

Bay’s Edgewater 8th Floor

Plot 12, North Avenue, 

Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh 

Fax: (+88) 02 882 3872, (+41) 31 324 1836, 

Phone: (+88) 02 5505 1601, (+41) 31 324 1837

Email: vertretung@dha.rep.admin.ch

Website: https://www.eda.admin.ch/dhaka.

Hours of operation:

From Sunday to Wednesday (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)


Inquiries to the Visa Section can be made by phone

From Sunday to Thursday (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Concerns about consular services:

Phone: (+41) 58 465 3333 or 

(+41) 800 24-7-365

365 days a year

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