Tanzania Business Visa Requirements


Copy of current passport bio page with visa pages

Include all previous passport copies, as well as visa copies.

2. Form of Visa Application:

Applicants must fill up and complete online.

3. Photograph:

One recent passport-sized photo,

Finished in matt or semi-matt,

Photographs should have a white background and no borders.

Face coverage of 60-80%, (Size: 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm).

4. Covering-Letter:

The cover letter form from an applicant included Name, Passport Number, Purpose, Designation, and outlining who will be responsible for the entire cost of the trip – travel, lodging, expenses, and so on. The letter should be addressed to –Tanzania’s Director General of Immigration. The Visa Category must be included in the subject line.

5. Letter of Invitation:

An invitation letter addressed to – The Director-General of Immigration, Tanzania on its letterhead, stating the reason for the trip and the length of stay, and duly signed with signatory’s name and designation.

6. Occupation Proof:
7. Letter of Recommendation:

A letter from the office, such as a NOC/LOI letter on the organization’s letterhead pad, states the applicant’s name, designation, passport number, the purpose of visit, duration of stay, sponsorship status, etc. It is addressed to Tanzania’s Director General of Immigration.

Trade license/incorporation certificate/memorandum (if self-employed/businessman)

Copy of an official ID card/Visiting card

8. Finances:

The genuine copy of the bank statement for the last six months mentions the bank name, telephone number, and authorized seal and signature. (e-statement is not acceptable) if the employer sponsors the trip by the employer, the employer’s bank statement for the last six months and telephone number should mention clearly. The genuine copy of the Bank Statement (salary)/ Personal bank statement for the last 6 months.

Ticket number 9:

Itinerary for your tickets based on your travel dates.

Reservation of a Hotel:

Hotel reservations based on your travel dates.

Medical: 11th.

Certificate for yellow fever.

Important information: Before traveling to Tanzania, all visitors must have a Yellow Fever Vaccination. We recommend that all documents be submitted in soft copy.

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Tanzania has no embassy or consulate office in Dhaka; the nearest embassy is in New Delhi, India.

EP-15C, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi-11002, India, High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania
(+91) 11 2412 2865 [Visa and Consular]

Website: http://www.tanzrepdelhi.com/index.html

If you have all of the following documents, So-way Tours & Travels will help you obtain an E-visa.

Tanzania issues Electronic Visas, also known as e-visas, for a variety of visa categories for Bangladeshi nationals traveling for a short-term visit. Tanzania e-visa is a conditional authorization granted by the central Immigration authority to a foreigner to enter, remain within, or leave the territory before the authorization’s validity expires.

TThe Tanzania e-visa allows an applicant to apply online with scanned copies of only a few documents, have the visa processed quickly, and receive the visa online in the form of a PDF/Doc file via email. Although a Tanzania e-visa is a valid visa permit, it does not guarantee entry into Tanzania. The immigration authority retains the final authority to grant entry permission.

Please keep in mind that the visa is subject to approval. It is recommended that the visa applicant .applicant at least four weeks before their travel date, submits their application to the High Commission, along with a contact name and number in Tanzania. In this category, only a single entry visa can be issued.


Visa Types and Application Fees (BDT) E-visa Processing Fee (BDT)


 Visa TypeVisa & Application Fee (BDT)E-visa Processing charge (BDT)Total (BDT)
Single Entry5245/-10000/-15,245/-

** A 15% VAT is applied to So-way Tours & Travels service (logistic) charges.

keep it in your mind that the visa fee is determined by the exchange rate (USD to BDT)


The total processing time is estimated to be ten workings (days). Processing times are subject to change at the discretion of the Immigration Office.)

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