Cox’s Bazar is a district located under Chittagong Division, and this place is famous for its longest sandy sea beach. Their location is on the south of the 150 km industrial port- Chittagong. Cox’s Bazar is considered the longest sea beach globally, with 121 kilometers total long. . He was the founder of cox’s Bazar. He founded this stunning Beach in 1798. Then the Cox’s Bazar beach started known as a small port and a healthy resort.

Though this Beach is considered the longest sea beach in this world, it is crowded compared to the other beaches. The Cox’s Bazar beach has the finest leisure, and it can offer to visit each of its visitors. Here, tourists are enjoying the relaxing breeze of the Bengal Sea and the calmness of the place. Visitors can also enjoy many types of water sport activities like scuba diving, surfing, and also can try some boat rides.

One of the attractions is Moheshkhali Island near the beach Bazar of Cox’s coast. On this island, you can reach via speedboat only by the breath-taking view of the island visitors mesmerized by to see the view of the island. The bright green color of its mangrove forest will surely astonish everyone who comes to see the place. This is definitely the best thing to explore after one’s beach trip.

Cox’s Bazar has some excellent places to see around. Another attraction is One of these places is the wonderful Himchari waterfall located 18 kilometers south of Cox’s Bazar. This is the place where tourists are highly recommended for visitors, with its beautiful reviving hills and the waterfall, where visitors can swim and bathe apart from the sea.

 Cox’s Beach Bazar is the best place recommended for people seeking gravity and relaxing vacation. Every Cox’s Beach Bazar trip will surely comfort and satisfy everyone who visits here.

Inani Beach: Inani Beach (also Enani Beach) is a sea beach which is located in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District; this place is about 18 kilometers long. Inani beach has a nice view and has lots of coral stones. These coral stones take a green shade during the summer & in the rainy season.

This Inani Beach is a very beautiful beach which is known for its stone and coral metal. This Hills you can be seen from one side to another side which makes it really splendid. Sunrise and sunset views of this Beach are never unforgettable. The blue water in Inani Beach and the line of the stone is the main attraction for the tourists. The unblemished blue & shark-free water is appropriate for bathing and swimming without any agitation.

The beach water small sea-fish, crabs, snails, and many more things trapped. These beautiful things can make a busy day. Inani Beach has silent nature and an unconventional environment; most of the tourists choose this place. Crystal clear water in Inani Beach, which is famous in Cox’s Bazar. Eventually, don’t miss enjoying the sunset at the Beach. Try to stay on the beach until the sun goes down.



Laboni Beach: Main Beach of Cox’s Bazar is Laboni beach, and this is the longest beach in Cox’s Bazar. It is the nearest sea beach to the town. Here a traveler can easily enjoy the attractive attraction of the Bay of Bengal Sea. This place is for refreshment, and many foreign people come here around the year. You can enjoy jogging, cycling, sunbathing, surfing, and swimming on this Beach. Beach is the best place for swimming and relaxation. In the daytime and you can enjoy the beauty of the sea at night from the sitting bench where tourists lie and enjoy the view. This Beach is also a totally safe place for tourists. The beach perfection is during sunsets and sunrise, and their presence people are the witness of twice in a day the sea changes its color. It is best for swimming and relaxation. Near to the Beach, there’s a lot of small shops selling souvenirs, locally made bouquet & beauty products (sandal wood based), bed sheets, dresses, shoes, handmade clothes, and beach accessories for the tourists. This is the best place for tourism shopping. So, come and let’s enjoy the beauty of Laboni Beach.

Kolatoli Beach: One of the most attractive Beaches for tourists in Cox’s Bazar is Kolatoli Beach. Every year thousands of people of different ages come here for having the feelings of taking sea-bath. Tourists can bathe in the sea, driving sea ski boat; there have various kinds of seafood. Any type of age people who walk beside the seaside on a moonlit night is always a pleasure for visitors. A slow stride life – mostly working- happens in the morning and evening, whereas the middle of the day is reserved for drying fish. During the day and night time, some villagers sell coconuts.

How can you go?

You may come to Cox’s Bazar by air, by car or by bus directly. There are several types of bus services available from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Bus fares around BDT 800-900 which is non-A/C, and BDT 1200-1800 A/C and super deluxe buses BDT 2500+ cost. The journey is near around 8-10 hours long, and Bangladesh Biman, US Bangla, Novo Air these domestic flights are available for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. From Cox’s Bazar you can easily come to the Kolatoli, Laboni and Inani point by Auto Rickshaw.

There’s a lot of restaurants by the side of Sea Beach Road and in the Hotel Motel Zone, most restaurants maintaining Bangladeshi standards level.

  • Mermaid Cafe: This café location is in Marine Drive Road which is Open until 11 PM. This cafe is super friendly and relaxed, and this place is probably one of the coolest places to hang out in this area. Its natural vibe of wood and bamboo hints at the direction that Cox’s Bazar took way back. It has many sitting areas, a swinging couch, and a special menu including flap cake and spicy pancakes, and seafood like shrimp salad, pastas, and fish pizza for only Taka 450-800. The music occasionally plays uncertain but they’re very open to requests.
  • Poushee Restaurant: Next step on Hotel Sayeman Road just south of Sea Beach Road, you can get similarly excellent Bangladeshi food with fried fish, which is Cox’s Bazar specialty. This Restaurant is wildly popular, especially at lunchtime – go with a flow. Jhabwan has an English menu. Poushee is known as one of the best restaurants in Cox’s Bazar, so while you are in cox’s Bazar, don’t miss the chance to try their delicious seafood. Meals Taka 60-140.
  •       Beach Planet Café: Marine drive road, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar is a wonderful nature-friendly restaurant. Excellent interior with wood and bamboo. It has several open-air sitting spaces. The main attraction is the two histories hut from where the sea is visible with an extensive view. This restaurant mainly serves local and seafood dishes. This is the only eco-friendly restaurant in Cox’s Bazar it is located on the right of the Beach. This place is also ideal for any private party or beach party.
  •       Handi: Beside Hotel Sea Palace, there is a typical Indian food serving restaurant. They’re served all kinds of Bengali food. Just pay 350 BDT, and tourists can also taste the Handi Biriyani.

Most of the budget-friendly hotels are in this area surrounding the designated hotel zone in the main town. The star hotels are closer to the Beach, which rate is higher.

Hotel Sea Gull and Media International Hotel are fair choices in the center of town. There are also some hotels/motels such as Hotel Probal and Sikat operated by the Parjatan Corporation. Sea lover people are love to stay in Nilima Beach Resort. Its location and view is mesmerizing.

  •       Seagull Hotel, Hotel Motel Zone and Check-in: 14:00; checkout: midnight. Hotel Seagull is probably the best hotel in Cox’s Bazar. It is safe and modern, with its own landscaped walkway to the Beach. It also has a hidden bar – from the reception, you walk towards the main restaurant and then turn right, through part of the kitchen and upstairs. Nice swimming pool outside.
  •       Hotel Sea Crown: This deluxe hotel is in Marin Drive, Kolatoli New Beach. Sea Crown is a three-star hotel on the Beach.
  •       Ocean Paradise Hotel: Hotel in walking distance to the Beach and most rooms have sea view. Luxurious interior and best destination for honeymoon couples and famous for business people and families. The hotel also offers tourists a free airport service, a nice swimming pool area, a Thai spa, and a buffet breakfast served with local and international food. Besides, the hotel has different restaurants, one of the restaurants is in rooftop from restaurant you can enjoy a nice view over the Beach. 
  •       Nilima Beach Resort: A small beach side resort having only 10 rooms & a beach side restaurant. It’s famous with its awesome sea view from the room. Standard toilet with hot water & clean towel. Honeymoon couples are especially welcome.
  •       Hotel Coastal Peace: Hotel Coastal Peace staffs trying for every possible effort to make their Guests not only satisfied but their expectations exceed. Organized Hospitality suitable for organizing meetings and conferences which has a seating capacity of 150 people. This hall is a perfect venue for social gatherings as well.

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